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  1. Hi!! I'm Lola, I'm 16, a Junior, and I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now. I'm going to try and make this very neat and organized for you to be able to read it easier, okay? Okay!

    About Me:

    Replies: I mirror posts but my most comfortable range is 500-800,
    and I try to reply 3-4 times a day dependent on the length.

    My Writing: MxM Only. It's what I've always written and what I'm
    best at. Third Person Only, Can do Adult Scenes, Swearing(Not
    like a sailor but, swearing.), Prefer Romance driven RP's,
    not much of a formatter. I can do OC's or Fandoms. I'm
    not picky about Roles unless it's something/someone I know
    I can't do, so just run anything you have by me.

    I Love: Age Gaps (Just as long as it's not creepy), Misunderstandings, and Plot twists!

    Me: Eastern Time Zone, 16, Only have A few Limits, friendly,
    communicative, open to ideas/discussion.

    Fandoms: Hetalia. Can Play Most Characters.

    No's: Pedophilia, Furries(Nekos/Omegaverse is fine.),
    Extreme violence/Gore, Vore, Pure Smut w/o plot. etc.

    Regardless of if you like my plots below, if you're even just
    interested in the things or Fandoms I am, don't be afraid to
    PM me with your own RP interests!!

    About You:

    Replies: I don't mind the length, I just ask that you get to me at least once a day.

    You: Be communicative with me. I want your feed back on ideas, I want your plots,
    I want you to communicate with me so we can both have a good time. At the same
    time though, please just be nice and respectful towards me. Tell me your limits,
    what you can and can't do, and what you're not comfortable with.

    Your Writing: I don't care what kind of FaceClaim you use, or if you do written
    descriptions, do what you're comfortable with. Please write in the third person,
    and be good to me.

    Specific Plots:

    Closeted!Homophobic!Bartender (A) and Gay!Open!Bar Waiter (B):

    I imagine this as character A and character B always arguing during the work day and being polar opposites. This is until of course, they're closing up the bar one early morning and character B is too drunk to get home. He ends up sleeping at character A's house and making a move on him, then regardless of how character A reacts they end up in a sexual relationship that slowly turns into love. The main issues and conflicts I imagine will be Character A's sexuality, internalized homophobia, things of that nature and/or Character B's sexual nature, and wanting to be open about what they're doing. I imagine that not just public affection but pure, loving affection in general would be an obstacle for the two of them. Then they both have their own lives, back stories, where they come from and that's what makes it interesting.
    Who I'd play: Either, your choice of character.
    Setting: Modern times, in the city.

    Poor!Kid (A) and Rich!Dating A's Sister!Kid (B):

    Open Idea. I imagine it starting out as a highschool roleplay that involves a rich kid messing with the wrong poor kid. So, Character A's sister would be a floosy girl who's dating Character B at the time. Character B and the Sister will get into an argument which leads to Character A going to his home threatening him. Character B can feel whatever way about it but then when Character A actually comes to teach him a lesson and beat him up, they some how end up in a yelling match, then in a kiss. After this, the Sister will have forgiven him and expect to be together which leads to Character B being at Character A's house constantly, and neither of them know how to handle it.
    Who I'd Play: Well, to save you the work I think I'll take on the sister, regardless of what you're doing unless you'd like to. But besides that I don't have much of a preference.
    Setting: Modern, in a highschool.

    Non-Specific Plots:
    (I can do either role, if there's a role listed.)

    Opposites Attract!!
    Prince/Kingdom rps/aus. This includes stuff like Prince/Servant, Prince/Harem Whore, that sort of thing, you know?
    Arranged Marriage
    Poor Neighborhood kids with Conflicting Personalities.
    College/Roommate Rps
    Highschool Rps
    Etc, message me with your own ideas if you're interested in being partners!!

    I think, for the most part, that's all I have to say. If you're interested in me or any of my plots, just tell me! I'm really new to this website, as in I joined thirty minutes ago, so I might need a little help here and there but I'll try my best to be worth it. With that in mind, if I do something wrong, please let me know, okay?​
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  2. I love the first idea!
  3. i will rp with you!
  4. I'd love to do a college roommates sort of thing with you :^0
  5. Hey! If this is still open, I'd like to do the first rp, and would you mind if I request to be Character A?
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