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  1. Hi!! I'm Lola, I'm 16, a Junior, and I've been roleplaying for about 5 years now. I'm going to try and make this very neat and organized for you to be able to read it easier, okay? Okay!

    About Me:

    Replies: I mirror posts but my most comfortable range is 500-800,
    and I try to reply 3-4 times a day dependent on the length.

    My Writing: I'm mostly comfortable with MxM, but I'm really to give FxF a go, even though I've never been able to do it before. I can do mature scenes, but how descriptive it is all depends on how comfortable you are, and what you want.

    I Love: Age Gaps (Just as long as it's not creepy), Misunderstandings, and Plot twists!

    Me: Eastern Time Zone, 16, Only have A few Limits, friendly,
    communicative, open to ideas/discussion.

    Fandoms: I'd love to do Hetalia if you're interested! I can play most characters, but I'll only do CanonxCanon. But if you're comfortable with that and you have a plot, go ahead and message me!

    No's: Pedophilia, Furries(Nekos/Omegaverse is fine.),
    Extreme violence/Gore, Vore, Pure Smut w/o plot. etc.

    Regardless of if you like my plots below, if you're even just
    interested in the things or Fandoms I am, don't be afraid to
    PM me with your own RP interests!!

    About You:

    Replies: I don't mind the length, I just ask that you get to me as often as you can, at least once a week.

    You: Be communicative with me. I want your feed back on ideas, I want your plots,
    I want you to communicate with me so we can both have a good time. At the same
    time though, please just be nice and respectful towards me. Tell me your limits,
    what you can and can't do, and what you're not comfortable with.

    Your Writing: I don't care what kind of FaceClaim you use, or if you do written
    descriptions, do what you're comfortable with. Please write in the third person,
    and be good to me.

    Specific Plots:

    Poor!Kid (A) and Rich!Dating A's Sister!Kid (B) (MXM):

    Open Idea. I imagine it starting out as a highschool roleplay that involves a rich kid messing with the wrong poor kid. So, Character A's sister would be a floosy girl who's dating Character B at the time. Character B and the Sister will get into an argument which leads to Character A going to his home threatening him. Character B can feel whatever way about it but then when Character A actually comes to teach him a lesson and beat him up, they some how end up in a yelling match, then in a kiss. After this, the Sister will have forgiven him and expect to be together which leads to Character B being at Character A's house constantly, and neither of them know how to handle it.

    Who I'd Play: Well, to save you the work I think I'll take on the sister, regardless of what you're doing unless you'd like to. But besides that I don't have much of a preference.

    Setting: Modern, in a highschool.

    Prince(ss) [A] and Servant .

    Character A is a Prince(ss) of a kingdom filled with poverty, in which the working class and poorer classes are constantly suffering. So, as character A is getting to be 18, they’re finally taking over very soon and the people are on edge about it. They don’t think that A would be a good King/Queen, just because they’re so young and probably too ignorant. A rebellion is rising.

    Character B is a new Servant. They’ve just recently completed servant training which is a very hard commitment to make because it’s time consuming and has no pay. They’re quickly trying to become Character A’s friend/lover, but they have a lot of plans and a lot of secrets.

    Setting: A kingdom, we can world build it if you want to, or we can just base it off some other existing fictional world.

    Who I’d Play: Either. I also can do other characters that aren’t specifically in the plot too often. I’d prefer the Servant I think.

    Extra info/Preferences: I wouldn’t care whether this was FxF or MxM, and I’m good with either role. But I’d prefer the Servant, since I have a bit of plot for this one. You can ask me about my ideas if you’d like, or if you’d like me to just spring surprises on you, we can start without you knowing.

    Servant (A) x Prince’s/Princess’ Favorite Whore (B)

    So, character B was selected at a young age and pampered all their life. This happened because they were to become a harem whore for members of the royal family.

    Character A is a simple servant whose duties suddenly are switched up. Instead of guarding the Prince/Princess, they end up watching over the Harem instead. Character B would catch their eye very quickly, and a secret romance would pursue. A whore isn’t supposed to be doing anything with anyone without the Prince/Princess’ permission and being the favorite, Character B knows they won’t get that permission, but they still proceed to fall in love with Character A.

    Being a whore guard, Character A would have to follow B to the Prince/Princess’ room and stand outside the door. This could lead to jealousy, hurt feelings, those sorts of things.

    Setting: Another kingdom that we can world build and/or base off something.

    Who I’d Play: I don’t really mind, either one is fine.

    Extra Info/Preferences: I don’t prefer either character, and we can talk about if we want to explicitly implement the Prince/Princess, and who would take on that extra role. I wouldn’t mind doing it.

    This Roleplay is sort of adult themed, but if we’re not in the same age group or if you’re uncomfortable I’m perfectly fine with fading to black.

    Non-Specific Plots:

    (I can do either role, if there's a role listed.)

    Opposites Attract!!
    Prince/Kingdom rps/aus. This includes stuff like Prince/Servant, Prince/Harem Whore, that sort of thing, you know?
    Arranged Marriage
    Poor Neighborhood kids with Conflicting Personalities.
    College/Roommate Rps
    Highschool Rps
    Etc, message me with your own ideas if you're interested in being partners!!

    My Universes! (I'll try to get out the main Idea, but if you want any specific details just PM me and ask if you're interested!)

    Witch World!

    This universe consists of different kinds of Witches but the two umbrella types are Elemental Witches(Common), and Social Witches(Rare). Witches can be Male or Female.

    Key Factors:
    -Elemental Witches:
    Deal with elements, obviously. There are the usual main types, you know Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Electricity and Air, but between these are mixed breeds. That’s where witches who can control not just their elements, but can control certain aspects of others. For example, there could be a witch whose powers mostly pertain to water/ice, but at the same time they have fire mixed into their blood so therefore they can create and manipulate steam. Another example would be a light witch mixed with a dark witch, creating a witch who could manipulate shadows. (That of course, is a rare typing.) Sometimes a witch's Element is directly tied to their personality, sometimes it's the complete opposite.

    - Social Witches:
    These witches are special because their feelings can influence other’s actions. For an example, if a social witch is angry, her Aura sends of signals and can make other people act aggressively for seemingly no reason. Because of this, this species has been executed over the years and many of them are held far away from others, because their powers are weaker against their own kind. They can have elemental powers, and other powers. All of these witches are sent away to a secluded home in the middle of the ocean at birth. This home is a lot like a prison, and these people are very oppressed. They’re not allowed to breed, and new ones only show up when elemental witches get together and a genetic mutation happens.

    -There are powers that all witches can learn, things that don’t pertain to any sort of element. These are things like controlling every day objects, teleporting, and stuff like that.

    -There are schools for witches

    -Humans do exist in this universe and are aware of magic users, but the use of magic is frowned upon by their species. That’s why one half of this world is where humans live, and the other half if where the witches live, it’s an age old agreement.

    -There are laws in this Universe. For one, practicing forbidden magic is punishable by death or banishment. Forbidden magic includes things that manipulate the actions of other witches, using magic to harm others, and/or making yourself Immortal. Most witches are punished by death, but the Immortal witches are sent to a swamp in the corner of the earth, where they’re trapped forever with only themselves and their own culture.
    -Witches all have jobs; this goes from normal jobs like selling food, to controlling seasons and weather for the witch and human sides of the earth.

    This isn’t a totally fleshed out universe yet, but this is what I have. If you're interested in this world or have any ideas for pairings in this world, please go ahead and tell me! My Ideas are:

    Social Witch x Social Witch: These two would be living in the secluded home. Maybe one hates it there and one is perfectly find with everything because they don't understand. In this home they aren't taught to understand why they're there, and they're not taught to know why that's not okay. But some of them have established written communications with their parents and know of the outside world they aren't allowed to experience. So maybe one knows but can't tell anyone, and the other doesn't? I don't know, if you'd like to help me flesh this out please message me.

    Highschool Witch x Highschool Witch: This could go different ways, maybe they have conflicting elements, maybe they room together and their constantly at each others throats, if you have an idea message me!

    I think, for the most part, that's all I have to say. If you're interested in me or any of my plots, just tell me! I'm really new to this website, as in I joined thirty minutes ago, so I might need a little help here and there but I'll try my best to be worth it. With that in mind, if I do something wrong, please let me know, okay?

    xxxx Updated 10/21/16 xxxx
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  2. @LolaDesiré

    First off welcome to the site love and
    second off the Poor!Kid (A) and Rich!Dating A's Sister!Kid (B) one sound pretty funny and cute to do lol
    I can pretty much do anything and open to anything really
    I can do between 1-4 paras maybe 6 paras depending what's going on in the rp at the moment
    I can replay frequently, 2-4 times a day or more if life let's me
    Hmmm just in case you wanted to know I'm 20 so I won't be asking for smut or anything
    Cause well I dont feel like getting kicked out of a wonderful site lmao
    Oh if you need any help with the site or anything you're welcome to ask if you like
  3. This is always open btw, and if you're not interested in my plots, still feel free to message me with your own!!!
  4. xxxx Updated with new plots!!! xxxx