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  1. I currently have no Role Plays going at this particular moment, so I am growing a little bit bored. So, what better way to cure said boredom then to participate in some Role Plays?

    But, I am currently really feeling like Role Playing with some of my OCs, i'm not entirely up for making a random character on the spot unless we work out a plot that doesn't fit my characters and I really want to do it, then I might. But, please be aware that all these characters are from fantasy worlds. None of these are strictly human.

    I am looking for some romance in these. Of course, I do not like forced romance, but something that is more natural and comes across without seeming fake.
    If you have your own OCs and you think one could really fit a certain character as an actual partner instead of just a one off RP partner, hit me up! Holy gosh, i'll be excited! If that's the case, if you have skype, or face book, or what ever, i'd be more than happy to add you! I'm not a creeper, I swear!
    That being said, I am looking for 18+ partners only. Personally, I have never done a Libertine Role Play, but perhaps, if you are into that, we could work something out. I prefer fade to black if it gets to that, but I am more than willing to give it a shot! Ah, and just forewarning, I am 19 and female. I know some people have some limitations on their partners so thought i'd let you know(though I am 20 in 2 months).

    I'm a lover of action, adventure and fantasy - all kinds, really. I adore medieval settings, which is why most of my characters are from medieval / semi-medieval times. I like hetero and yaoi pairings. None of my female characters are lesbian or bisexual so I don't do yuri.
    I write an average of 3 decent sized paragraphs per post, sometimes more. I will not take one liners, sorry. Actually, i'd prefer similar or longer than my normal response. And I am in no way a grammar-nazi but please, for the love of all things cheesy, please write so I can understand you.
    I also, doubt I will reply multiple times a day. I am just getting back into RP so i'm a tad rusty and not as quick as I used to be. ;)

    But, without further ado, here are my OCs - some I am less excited to do than others. I will put next to them the preference of partner and * to indicate ones I really want to Role play.
    Coloured letters are their gender/sex.

    Gray - M/F - Male - FOUND PARTNER
    *Arlen - M - Male. May accept female, depending
    Aztrex - M - Female
    **Felix - F - Male
    *Keya - F - Male
    ***Tarryn - F - Male

    Keep in minds, these guys are all a WIP(and forever will be, they grow after all) so some are more thought out than others etc.

    REMINDER: Your characters do not have to be OCs. Like, seriously, I don't mind, you can create a character specifically to RP with one of them or you can use an OC you have or whatever. I don't mind.

    So, either comment here or send me a pm, I don't mind!
    OH and I forgot, I RP on Forums or skype! ^_^
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  2. I'm looking for rp's too! drop me a message if you're looking for an original rp ^^
  3. Awesome! Will send you a pm now! :D
  4. One character has found a partner!
  5. still looking! ^^
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