Looking for RP partners (female characters please!)

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  1. Hello! Welcome to my thread!?! I live in EST so expect replies at a decent time except weekends... I can RP later into the night then :P

    I am looking for some female partners! This will be through PM! This guy can play Male, female, (Kinda rusty at playing a woman though) or herm/futa aka dick girls (which ever you feel like calling it) I only play furries... I hate playing humans. Only way you'll get me to play a human is if my character is male.

    um... We can double in our RP or use single characters... Up to my partner. hmmmm I'm not really "Dominant" when it comes to Rping (sex scenes... that's a different story ;P) I would love for my partner to lead the RP mostly but I'd like them to also give me room to think of stuff also!

    Only rule I have is give AT LEAST one paragraph... I tend to like Rping with people who give like three paragraphs just because it helps me get better. Always trying to be a better writer!

    Types I'm looking for are as followed!

    -Medieval Fantasy
    -Future Fantasy
    -smut (if that's all you really want.. not my favorite though.)

    Always up for suggestions and trying something new! PM me or ask questions here! I'll be more then happy to talk RP ideas with you! Tried keeping this as short and sweet and to the point as I could! Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!
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  2. I would love to RP with you. I've been looking for a furry futa partner ^_^. Do you have any pairing ideas???
  3. HI! What type would you be looking for? like medi fantasy? I can think of pairing ideas that way...
  4. Still looking! play some FFXIV while i wait for people!
  5. ... pretty boring sunday... Only one hit today. ouch.
  6. Medieval fantasy works for me ^^
  7. Still looking for more! :)
  8. I would love to do a future fantasy with you if you are still looking.
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  9. I'd like to RP with you! ^ ^
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  10. I'd like to rp also if you're still open that is.
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  11. Hey if you're still looking I have an interest in a medieval fantasy rp!
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  12. always looking :)
  13. yes
  14. still wanna?