looking for rp partners (fandoms, omegaverse, OC's)(open for many)

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  1. Alrighty then~ i am looking for many new rp partners. i dont have exact ideas for most of them because i would like to make ideas specificly for each person, depending on what fandom. characters and any different universes. i do MxM MxF and FxF.
    lets get started with my couple of rules.
    -i would like replies to be around a paragraph, so the rp will be able to last a long time
    -smut is allowed but the entire rp cannot be focused on that. even with omega-universe. doesn't have to be descriptive, can fade to black and time skip. also the rp will focus on the couple

    i do enjoy omegaverse very much and would like to find more people to rp it with. mainly MxM for that. i do enjoy mpreg to go along with it as well.

    on to the fandoms!
    -BBC Sherlock
    -Doctor who
    (open to others, if ive watched then ill do them)
    -Black butler
    -Soul eater
    -Attack on Titan
    -Blue exorsist
    -fullmetal alchemist
    (again open to others, if i read-watched it then ill do them)

    im open to many different things in the story line, i did not include my ships because i have to many in each fandom and i am open to doing OC's as well.

    if you aree intrested them please message me so we can discuss plot and limits
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  2. Dying for a good soul eater rp. Weapon and meister. I really only do OCs. If you're interested shoot me a PM and we can talk details.
  3. Hello! Do you play alpha or omega in the omegaverse?
  4. I play either one
  5. Yay! What other fandoms and pairings do you do?
  6. Im open ro anything, if ive seen it ill do it
  7. Hmmm well here are some fandoms that I like.

    The Walking Dead
    The Mighty Boosh
    IT Crowd
    Catfish The TV Show
    American Horror Story
    Criminal Minds
    All of the CSI's
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Sherlock Holmes
    Teen Wolf
    Political Animals
    Power Rangers...just ask which one

    Death Note
    Fullmetal Alchemist

    Boondock Saints
    Sherlock Holmes
    Night at the Museum
    Captain America
    Lost Boys
    Lone Ranger
    Pacific Rim
    Jurassic Park or World
    Magic Mike
    The Covenant
    Young Guns
    Star Wars The Force Awakens
  8. I am aware. But i am on my phone so i am unable to reply a good length
  9. Sherlock Holmes.. are you talking about the bbc version?
    I love OHSHC
  10. I've seen the movies but only some of the BBC show.

    We could mix OHSHC with omegaverse!
  11. sounds good. pm me please
  12. Still looking
  13. HI!! I wanna do an ouran host club omegaverse rp with the twins!!!!
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