Looking For RP Partners :D

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  1. Looking for Friends and RP partners.

    I do abit of everything. I play females only unless there is a good plot with male on male.

    Please post more then one line if we RP...
  2. Anyone? Anyone lol
  3. I'll be willing to do one with you
  4. Okay, anything specific you would like to do?
  5. Nothing really
  6. Im still looking for RP partners :)
  7. I would be willing to RP with you. However I do need to know how often you can reply. Right now I am training with the army for two weeks but afterwards I usually prefer my partners to reply at least once a day unless some personal issue prevents it... I also prefer a fantasy setting for my RPs
  8. I will reply more then just once a day. I post several times a day depending on how i am feeling. But i promise you, i post at least once if not more.
  9. Understood. I will send you a PM with ideas when army training isnt going to distract me and make my message quality
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.