Looking for rp partners. 1×1 or groups

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Shadow, Fear, Wind, and Poison
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I can play most genres, but fantasy, magic and animals are my best.
I am back from an extended hiatus.

Some from long ago may or may not remember me. And yet to many, I may be new. I've been rping for I don't even know how long anymore. Life has kept me away for far too long and I want to get back into rping.

I'm sort of casual with it and don't have any requirements about post length. I just ask for replies to be easy to read with as proper grammar and punctuation as possible. Having a full time job, adulting, and life in general may make it a little difficult for me to write several lengthy replies and I like to try to make several responses a day.

I do not play cannon characters, so don't ask me to. Nor do I do any sort of smut or similar activities, so don't ask. Fade to black only. I may be 26, but i am not comfortable with anything more than that. I will rp with a variety of ages, as long as they are comfortable with it as well, and would like to keep content appropriate for all. I also do not play male characters in romantic roles. I am very much female and am comfortable playing female characters. I will play male when needed, but like I said before, don't expect romance from any male characters I may play. They'll only be clueless in that department and be more of a protective brotherly type.

As for genres, I'll provide a list.

Medieval Fantasy
Slice of life
Some Fandoms
Hey Cynder, I'm also far from dead here. However I seem to be having an issue getting my account back as I just decided to return today.

Welcome back and good to meet you.

I am definitely interesting in a 1 on 1 roleplay and would love to discuss it further. I play males so you feel free to play what makes you comfortable and if ever there is romance I'm kind of a fade to black person myself a lot of the time too and I'm only 2 years younger than you. Guess we're weird.

Anyways if you're interested you can answer here or dm me. Up to you.
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I have also just returned from a year away out in the wild of life. :)
I have some responsibilities and other commitments that keep me somewhat busy, but I will definitely have the time to reply within a day or two always. I am versatile when it comes to characters and do not RP any mature content, and I'm a big fan of magic themed writing, both in novels and my own personal writing.

Please let me know if you'd be interested in beginning a RP.
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