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  1. Hello! I need an RP partner, and I have some 'strict' standards.

    Genders I'll play ::
    Females only. I'm sorry, I've tried playing males before. It just doesn't work for me.

    Romance or Smut ::
    Romance. I'm not the smutty type.

    Straight or Lesbian ::

    Genres I like to play ::
    I like fantasy and horror with a bit of romance. I can do modern as well though.

    Things I wont do ::
    I wont do Pre-Made characters. I also would rather do mild language. I don't think I have problems with anything else.

    Grammar Requirements ::
    Just no text chat and use quotations when your character is talking. That's all I ask.

    How often will I reply ::
    If the RP has my interest, I will reply quite a few times a day. If not, I'll probably be a bit slower about it because if its not interesting I have a hard time thinking up ideas.

    Replying expectations for my partner ::
    I want you to be active please. I don't have school so I have almost nothing to do, so I depend on this site to keep me busy.

    Plot Ideas ::
    I don't have any. I'm open for ideas.

    Where I want to Roleplay ::
    Either by PM or the 1x1 forums.

    How should you contact me ::
    PM or just reply to this. Either works.

    Other :: I want to do Neko X Human or Neko X Neko or something that lets me be a Neko.
  2. I love rping as cats! I enjoy rping as guys (I blame my ocs XD)
  3. How bout a neko RP? Do your nekos purr often?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.