Looking for Rp partner!

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  1. I really want to roleplay something in like a high-school so comment if you have any other ideas :)
  2. Same! We should set something up!
  3. Yayy! Ok so what did you have in mind?!
  4. Well if you're looking for a highschool type roleplay we should work on that. Do you want it to be a 1x1 or a group?
  5. Yum it can be one on one if you want. What do you prefer for gender?
  6. I prefer to play a female if that's alright with you. You?
  7. Yeah that'd great because i usually play guys haha so would you like me to make a character sheet?
  8. We can both make character sheets!
  9. Ok ill make mine!
  10. Name: James Dawsen
    Age: 18
    Grade: Senior
    Sports/Clubs?: Captain and quarterback of the foot ball team, starting pitcher for the baseball team.
    Personality: James is a typical Jock and is very outgoing, hes sweet, kind and loves to make people laugh. And he is used to everyone liking him. 770a53ce719f0770c6105ae02474cf53.jpg
  11. Name: Bea Mills
    Grade: Junior
    Sports/clubs: Cross country running
    Personality: Vivacious and wild, always at parties, rebel with a girly touch
    her appearance and outfit
  12. Okayy so do you want me to post the forum?
  13. Its up! Its Lincoln Highschool under the mature forum
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.