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  1. Okay, I'm new to this website so I'm gonna try to figure this out❤

    I'm looking for someone who can be descriptive. For example....

    He walked in the house, slamming the door and sinking down to the ground. "Help me!!" He screamed in pure terror and desperation, throwing himself back into the wall. "Help me, please." He whispered and sobbed in his sleeve.

    Please don't do...

    *walks in house* hello?? *fear builds up as he hears a crash* Come out now!!!!

    Yea...I don't do that. Anyways, I'm perfectly fine with 1st person or 3rd person. Sorry, but I don't do fandoms. I ❤ anime but I just don't like acting it out.


    *At least 3 paragraph, that's all I ask of you. I don't need some huge story.

    * Don't control my characters and I won't control yours.

    * No all-mighty, perfect character. No you character can't dodge every punch, no it cannot come back to life...just..no.

    * Please don't spam me. I have other things that I do. If I don't reply within 24, then feel free to give me a little reminder.

    *If you get tired of the roleplay, tell me, and I will do the same. Dont just leave without saying anything.

    I only play MxM. Sorry but I've grown bored of MxF.

    °So there's this one storyline I really want to do

    Claire's mental asylum carries every type of patients. From ones that talk to the voices in their heads, to cold blooded killers that think the world is out to get them. Then theres {Muse a}. A teen with a problem a severe case of schizophrenia. Hes a loner who keeps to himself.{Muse b} is a doctor wanting nothing more but to help {Muse a}. Yet the boy is a helpless cause. {Muse a} had tried to kill {muse b} several times and had been sent in solitary confinement. What would happen if {Muse a} goes too far?

    Yea, there's gonna be a lot of angst and sadistic themes in it so guess what....
    •Trigger Warning •
    Yep. You have been warned.

    Others. (❤ are my favorite)

    High school
    Prince x peseant ❤
    Neko x human
    Dance instructor x dancer/ dance instructor ❤
    sailor x merman
    pirate x prince
    native American x foreigner
    shop keeper x costumer
    spirit x mortal
    ghost x ghost
    doctor x nurse
    killer x dective
    Bartender x Dancer❤
    Singer x Groupie❤
    Younger Brother x Older Brother❤
    Step Brothers❤
    Best friend's Brother (Best Friend x Best Friend's Brother)❤
    Brother x Sister's Boyfriend❤
    Homeless Teen x Wealthy Business Man❤
    Guardian Angel x human
    Slave x Spoiled/Rich Teen/Kid❤
    Werewolғ x ғallen angel
    werewolғ x gнoѕт
    werewolғ x werewolғ нυnтer
    ғallen angel x gнoѕт
    gнoѕт x gнoѕт нυnтer
    vaмpιre x ғallen angel
    vaмpιre x gнoѕт
    vaмpιre x vaмpιre нυnтer
    нυмan х deмon
    нυмan х ѕнape-ѕнιғтer
    нυмan х vaмpιre
    нυмan х werewolғ
    нυмan х ғallen angel
    нυмan х gнoѕт
    deмon х ѕнape-ѕнιғтer
    deмon х vaмpιre
    deмon х werewolғ
    deмon х ғallen angel
    deмon х gнoѕт
    olιce oғғιcer'ѕ ѕon х crιмιnal
    docтor х paтιenт❤
    вeѕт ғrιendѕ
    ғaтнer'ѕ вeѕт ғrιend х ғaтнer'ѕ ѕon❤
    cιтy вoy х coυnтry вoy
    jocĸ х nerd
    jocĸ х loner
    nerd х loner

    I'm really a huge softie so if I really like you, we can try a fandom.
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  2. Hello~ :3 I was really liking the Father's Best Friend x Father's Son. If your up for it~ :3
  3. Would you be interested in an Avatar roleplay (The blue people movie, not the airbender)?
  4. let's do a prince and peasant one i am in the mood for some royal drama keheheh
  5. Yea I would love to
  6. Sure
  7. The thread is posted in Drama RP ❤
    Its called Daddy's little Devil
  8. Oohh if these are open i'd like to play the peasant in Prince x peasant or the loner in jocĸ х loner :) please let me know if either of these are open ^^
  9. I've always been a fan of the homeless teen and wealthy business man (especially if that business man is secretly involved with mafia things... haha.) So if you're still looking, that sounds like a fun rp I'd do.
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