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  1. Alrighty!
    So I just remembered I even made an account here, and figured hey, I've had a lack of
    rps for a while so why not try and give one on here a go.
    I'm not crazy used to rping on a site like this, or even rp with people who I'm
    not close friends with already, but I want to take a step outside
    my comfort zone and give this a shot.

    Anyway onto the important stuff I guess?

    I selected intermediate for the posting expectations, but honestly so long as your
    just give me at least a paragraphs then I don't care. I can be very flexible
    with the length posts/replies, especially considering that yeah, sometimes
    things get slow and replying gets hard, but I've never gone over
    3 paragraphs.

    As for the stuff I tend to like to rp, I tend to have more male
    characters than female and prefer MxM rps, but I'm open with what gender
    and sexuality I rp as. In relationships, though, I/my characters don't usually take
    the dominant role. Also just a psa: I'm totally down with romance but
    don't like anything over a PG-14 range. (Besides, I'm under 18 anyway)
    Genres I tend to like are the typical fantasy/adventure, post-apocalyptic,
    medieval/victorian era/steampunk. Honestly the only thing I'm
    not a huge fan of rping is horror (the idea has to be really interesting) and very
    realistic/modern things.

    Things I like to rp pairing wise:
    Opposites Attract
    Hunter x Prey
    Typical rich guy x middle-class/theif
    Vampire x Hunter
    Enemies turned friends
    Demons x almost anything tbh

    I do have some pre-made characters/ideas, though so if you'd like take
    a look through here. If a character catches your eye or
    smth then just lemme know who I guess?

    Anyway thanks for looking at this. uwu PM me or reply in the thread if you're interested I
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.