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Fantasy, sci-fi, modern, most AUs that aren't like western tbh
Hiya! I'm looking for a (hopefully) long-term rp partner either with OC x OC or OC x Character. I will do doubles when it comes to fandom rps (will list each character I can rp depending on fandom below).

About Me:

- I've been RPing on and off since 2014
- I prefer min 2+ paragraph replies but am fine with smaller ones if the situation calls for it
- I prefer to rp in 3rd person and have a few OCs that I use depending on the circumstances, all of which are non-binary
- I'm happy to write any ship as long as both characters are adults
- I am still somewhat new to Iwaku, I prefer to rp on Discord or through PMs
- I have a preference for darker rps and am also perfectly comfortable writing sexual content as long as discussions are held beforehand
- I'll only rp with people who are 18+
- Semi-ghost friendly. I do ask if you know in advance that you're going to take a while to reply that you let me know in advance, but I understand life gets in the way and sometimes stuff happens. I'm currently at uni and I'm also disabled and going through multiple rounds of different treatments, so there may be times where I need to drop rping for a while and I will be open and honest about that when I can be
- I also have mad ADHD so if it's been a week or so with no reply, please feel free to send me a message to give me a poke! I most likely have either forgotten that you've replied or haven't seen/accidentally cleared the notification
- I normally reply within days of seeing a reply posted, but I don't expect the same in return

What I'm Looking For:

OC x OC (no preference for genre etc. I prefer queer couples when it comes to OC x OC but am open to anything)


I have a preference for poly relationships when it comes to my OC and fandom characters, please let me know in advance if this is something you're not comfortable with!

Genshin Impact:

Seeking: Wanderer, Zhongli, Childe, Kazuha, Thoma, Tighnari, Cyno, Albedo, Kaveh, Heizou, Venti, Childe, Baizhu

Can Write: Any male character except for Ayato. Female characters may require some time for me to get used to writing, I do not write for Yae Miko.

Obey Me! Shall We Date? (either game)

Seeking: Levi, Mammon, Beel, Belphie, Simeon, Barbatos, Asmo (?) (may expand to any of the brothers but unlikely)

Can Write: If you're willing to trail with me to get characterisation right, I can rp any character

Honkai Star Rail: (most likely just for one-shots)

Seeking: Dan Heng, Welt Yang, M!Trailblazer

Can Write: Same rule with Obey Me, characters limited to Dan Heng, Welt Yang, Trailblazer atm, list may grow as I continue to play the game.


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I am super interested! Should I PM you?