Looking For RP! (MxM/MxF)

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone to rp this with. I prefer MxM but I'm willing to do MxF as well. I may do FxF but that's not very likely plus the plot won't work as good.

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    A hunter is diagnosed with a serious illness and sets out to find the only known cure, Dragons blood. Attempt after attempt the hunter fails to get the dragon. Every time he gets close it simply pulls out another trick it had hidden up its sleeve until the hunter obtains a mystical weapon to help him in his quest. The hunter is able to mortally wound the dragon but it escapes. The hunter tracks down the dragon but all he finds is a badly injured person. Without hesitation the hunter takes the person in and helps him recover.

    What happens when he finds out that the person he's been seeing is his prey? Does he live with the sickness or strike down the dragon to obtain his cure

    If you're interested feel free to comment here or shoot me a pm.
  2. awww is this supose to have a tragic subject? poor him!
  3. So does that mean you're interested in the RP or were you just commenting...
  4. Oh I am very interested in this!
  5. Interested MxM or MxF
  6. well if if you still open i'm in :P