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  1. Hello, I'm new around here and I'm looking to make RP friends Interested in one x ones and maybe a collaborative group in the future. Here's some info about me and the things I'm interested in:

    - I can play both genders but I tend to prefer male characters. I also prefer using drawn/digital images rather than images of real people.

    - I'm open to romance, but I think it really depends on the plot and how eager my partner is to roleplay it. I prefer to keep it non-explicit, as to where I draw the line, I suppose I could be persuaded to blur it a bit. Straight or gay? I'm open to both instances of romance.

    - I like dark settings, vampires, fantasy, psychological realism, drama, sci/fi... but most of all I like a challenge. I have yet to find a genre I don't like to roleplay, mostly because I like to give everything a try and I believe if done well and made interesting anything can be fun.

    - I easily adapt to my RP partner in terms of length and description, but I would like to, at the very least, keep it to a minimum of a solid paragraph. I expect good grammar and by good I mean legible and not so bad that it's distracting (I'm new around here, I haven't had time to start getting picky *wink*) As for naughty language, I don't mind as long as there's need for it, but would prefer not to have a post filled with it.

    - I've given myself a limit of inactivity of an obligatory post twice a week, which means that's the least active I'll be and at most I'll post daily. I expect something similar in return. Edit: been able to login daily so far, so my activity atm is looking good)

    - Co-creation is fun. I would like my partner to engage in discussing the plot/characters and coming up with ideas to drive the plot.

    Add me to your list of potential RP partners and let me know you're out there. Would just like to have a community in here of like-minded role players.

    RP ideas: Feel free to tweak them to your liking when responding to me OR if you think we'd be a good match but have other entirely different ideas than mine, feel free to propose them!

    *Rivalry-type friendship (which may or may not develop romantically if you wish it). I'm open to the setting, but I was thinking it takes place in a prison and there are criminals in search of freedom basically. Or an unlikely client hires two very different investigators, who don't want to work together, to solve a mystery.
    *19th century London and a semi-secret war between vampire hunters, imperfect/incomplete vampires, and the real deal proper vamps. The focus can be on any of the three groups.
    *Hogwarts-like world, without the muggle world and without the wands, but with more medieval time period stuff. Definitely fantasy genre involving characters that are considered outcasts in that world.

    - You may reply in this thread, PM me, or just remember that I exist, your choice.
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  2. Boop! Maybe a rivalry-type friendship on a medieval-type world, with the two 'friends' reluctantly partnering with each other for a little Crusade, or, for something a bit darker, a Conan-type thieving expedition? Although I've really been itching more for a space opera sort of thing, or perhaps a sci-fi/horror inspired by "Under The Skin"....
  3. So a rivalry-type friendship in space, between two people reluctantly partnering with each other for a little Crusade, or, for something a bit darker, a Conan-type thieving expedition. They encounter some sort of sci/fi horror through which their developing friendship turns romantic?

  4. The Queen of the Black Coast....in space?

    If we are gonna pursue this, I suggest doing it low-science fiction style: much of the action is limited to our solar system, faster-than-light travel may exist, but it's extremely rare; sentient AIs are very rare, and often too massive to use; perhaps no aliens (at least as far as the humans know); some form of genetic engineering is common, but not necessarily as rampant as, say, in Mass Effect; and so on. And perhaps with strong but very rare elements of the fantastic, such as (hey, Queen of the Black Coast :3) people coming back from the dead....
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  5. I'm not familiar with Conan-lore so I had to google that and it sounds like an interesting read. Because I don't know much about it, I dunno that I could roleplay it well considering you seem to be a fan.

    Edit: Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy today, so I'm definitely space interested though.
  6. Oh, it needn't be a straight-up mash-up, I was just thinking of something Conan-inspired. I'd prefer using more original settings.
  7. Sounds good. Do you have a preference as to the "where"? This website seems to have a lot of options. Also, I'm used to group rps in other websites with character sheets and all that jazz, so you'll have to let me know how onexones work around here.

    Also, it's 1am here so I'm going to sleep. PM me so we can continue roleplay/plot discussion and make this happen :) I'll check in tomorrow... er, later today.
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  8. To everyone else still reading this thread, be my friend I tell you!! I AM STARVED! Feed me roleplay D:
  9. I'm down for something if you're still looking; what're you craving?
  10. O*O
    Time travel/Apocalyptic/Survival... Alien?

    For some reason people from different time periods are kidnapped and end up in one apocalyptic place, not sure where... because aliens?(not sure about this) Maybe it's a game or an experiment or an attempt to repopulate place/planet. MAYBE it's a glitch in the universe!

    Clearly this idea is a work in progress. It just popped into my head when I read your "what're you craving?"

  11. I reread the whole thing twice, just to make sure that I know someone else out there also would like to immerse his/herself in some role plays in this site. I'am also new here and all the suggested role plays from rivalry type of friendship to the Hogwarts realm-- Incorporating the three just sounded like an amazing idea.
  12. Yay! Well let me know if you would like to collaborate :)
    That same incorporation of the three ideas ended up as a space opera plot with somebody else, we might come up with something totally different and fun based on a similar combination. I'm down and not as busy or taken (rp-wise) as it would seem. I've just been RPing in a light Jump in thus far.
  13. I'd love to do one with you! I'll message you and we can discuss it from there ouo
  14. Hallo~ Still up to Rp? :3
  15. Sure~

    Have you ever felt like you're scared you're taking on too many RPs but since you haven't RPed in a while you fear that if you don't always say yes, you'll end up without any RPs to play in? That's how I'm starting to feel lol!

    BUT! I'm pretty sure I can handle one more. I'm not that busy these days. (plus if I ever start feeling overwhelmed I'll be honest and just ask to take it a bit slower)
  16. Perfectly fine to me and yeah. I have felt like that a few times. Haha.
  17. Sorry for the late response; crazy weekend and I forgot to 'watch' this thread

    We could do like that one Star Trek where creatures from different planets are put together in a survival situation to be observed/studied! Only instead of species it could be different time periods and we could add separate, more hostile aliens into the environment to give a conflict/survival situation


    If you're feeling overwhelmed don't worry, I'll just shelve the idea. But for what it's worth I can't reply very fast anyway xP
  18. OH I really like your spin on it!

    I'd like to go for it. We can take it slow too no problem. Wanna take this to PM?
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