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  1. Hi. I'm completely new to Iwaku, but I spent years of my early teenage life writing the same kind of thread based RPG's, so I think I'm gonna be fine. I'm not that familiar with the rules and workings of Iwaku yet, but I'm a quick learner, and the main point is to write and have fun, right?

    About me / Expectations

    // I'm pretty much going to be on every day. I live in Europe, so my time zone might not correspond with yours. If you like, we can work out a schedule that fits us both if you're more into rapid-fire-writing.

    // English is my second language, but I consider myself more or less fluent. I'm studying to become a teacher in English, so if I have any language mistakes that bother you, please tell me! It'll be a great help! :)

    // It's okay if you've grown tired of our RP or can't respond for a while, but please notify me. If you tell me, we can try to work out a solution to the problem.

    // I'm not that big on straight romances (cis f + cis m), but if the plot is good, I won't mind. I'm open to smut and romance as long as it's realistic and comes naturally. If you want the sexual scenes to be censored, please tell me so I won't make you uncomfortable. I'm a sucker for almost any kind of queer romance.

    // I won't do any full-on fantasy writing, it simply doesn't appeal to me. Surrealism, altered reality, dystopias and sci-fi, on the other hand, are definitely cool, as well as just a plain realistic setting.

    // I don't care about your age, I care about your writing skills. This being said, I won't write any kind of smut or romance with you if you're underage.



    I'll update this with ideas and plots I'd like to play with.

    // a world where magic is closely tied to manipulation of physics and atomic structures - "realistic magic", so to speak
    (I don't have any more at the moment, but I'm open for pretty much anything)

    or characteristics I'm looking to write. I'll update this whenever I think of something.

    // any non binary character
    // female warrior in some sort of futuristic war zone, romance would be cool too


    I don't have much experience with fandom RP's, but I would love to try some. OC'S ONLY!!

    // DragonAge (:inquisition)
    // Destiny
    // Harry Potter (I'm really keen on this one!)

    If you'd like to write something else, just ask. I'm curious to try anything as long as I'm familiar with it.



    // Realism
    // Sci-fi / Low-fi
    // Action and adventure
    // Dystopia
    // Modern day supernatural/surrealism
    // Post-apocalypse
    // Crime mysteries
    // Noir

    Please ask me if you have any questions at all!
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  2. Im interested. I have a few ideas if you're interested. Message Me
  3. I'm still looking for partners if anyone's interested :)
  4. Hey! I'd love to try playing an OC in Hogwarts. Shoot me a message if you're interested! :)
  5. Pppssstttt. I love modern day supernatural settings. I also love queer pairings and nonbinary characters. Especially when all three are together. : D Would you be interested in a roommates/neighbor setting with supernatural beings and humans together experiencing everyday things with occasional magical antics?
  6. I'm a fan of noir, cyberpunk, vigilante heroes, space exploration, plus open to new things. Been role playing a while definitely looking for a partner!
  7. Hi there, I'm totally interested in a Destiny role play:)
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