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  1. Hello, this is going to be an odd request for myself. However, as school keeps me busy, doing long posts at the moment is too much. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to do a skype or AIM rp with me. Short posts, faster replies. So in a sense free. However,I can still post more if need be as I am an advance role player. The person who used to do with me has been to busy with work to get online, therefore, I need a replacement or two.

    First rules. Basic grammar and spelling please. I'm not going to shoot you for mistakes but please no short cut words. Write as if your writing a story. Meaning quotation marks for speaking, if more then one person speaks change your paragraph. Just things like that.

    At least two posts a day, unless you let me know a head of time you may get busy. As will I do for you.

    PLAY BOTH GENDERS. I don't want to hear any of this I only play girls thing. Not having it. Although, being a girl myself if your a male rper and have no desire in playing a female main character, I will not hold it against seeing as I rather play girls myself. If you are a female and we pick our roles, if the plot dies and we pick up another one, we will switch genders it's only fair.

    Mature themes are a must, therefore you must be 18+ I will not be a creep who rps with someone too young. However, mature themes are not the key to the rp. They may happen but they are not the key. Sometimes the role play will call for more of it, and others not so much.

    Think that's it for rules.

    Alright, as for plots I'm in to almost anything, feel free to PM me with what your craving the most right now and I'll do the same in my reply along with my skype name.

    Touch of Insanity
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.