Looking for romance/drama 1x1 role play!

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  1. I Just want to clarify before anything that, and can't play guy's well, so I'm looking for someone who can play a Male character.
    No FxF please.

    My rules are Simple and short. I don't really want any one liners. I understand That writers block happens, But please tell me if something comes up and you don't understand anything. I'll help!

    And lastly, Try to have Good grammar. It doesn't mean that everyone has to be perfect, Mistakes are mistakes, and everyone makes them. I just mean. u cant do tis stuff.

    Romance is my big weaknesses. I love role playing anything romance. Adding drama to it can be very fun and very interesting. Mystery too! So, I have a little bit of everything in my ideas.

    Here are my ideas, if you would like to do one, or have one of your own, message me and we will talk!

    • So! My idea is a forbidden romance between a prince and a witch. The two fall in love but the town people already think all witches are bad. If someone is found out as a witch, the town goes all bad, (Kind of like some movies or shows where they burn witches at the stake.) (Salem witch trials)) So the prince keeps the young witches secret. One day the prince meets another young lady who is also a witch. He is not interested in her at all and had no idea she is a witch, so she uses spells when he doesn't know, to ruin the relationship between the prince and the good witch. She wants the prince to fall in love with her and not the good witch.
    • Vampire X Human
    • Prince X servant or Prince X Peasant
    • Forbidden romance *Like Romeo and Juliet* (You know, Both towns are fighting, They forbid the two from different family's to see each other. Ect ect)
    • The Run away's- Two people who aren't suppose to see each other fall in love. Their parents forbid it. So in a effort to stay with each other, they run away. Their family's begin to search for them, making it harder for the two to live together in secret.
    • Masquerade gone wrong- Wine, Music, dancing, love, a night fit for everyone's desire, goes wrong when the hostess ends up dead. No phone signal, and ever exit is blocked. Everyone must figure out who the murder is before more blood is shed.

    Any questions about the ideas or if you are interested, please feel free to post bellow or pm me! I look forward to roleplaying with you!