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  1. So my names Ricky and i am looking for some romance and adventure rps here are some roles i would like to do if any interest you please feel free to reply or send me a pm i will bold the roles i would want to play




    here are some fandoms i would like to do

    Harry potter


    dc comics


    just to let you know with the fandoms i don't like to play people from the movies tv shows books etc so they would have nothing to do with those people just in the universe.

    so if you would like to start something with me pm me or reply also if there is any roles that you like that i didnt say feel free to mention it i am really down for almost anything.
  2. Is the body Guard X Prince A Male x male right and it would be mature in a romace sense , We're both 18 so Can i Join that if its alright with you I would Love ot be the body guard I could also be the teacher as well which ever one you wanna do more or we can do both let me know
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.