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  1. Hello Im fairly new to this site but not to rping. Id like to find a partner(s) to do a MxF, MxM, or FXF romance/action/fantasy rp. These are some things I would like to try =D
    Fairy Tail
    Vampire Knight
    Uta no prince sama
    Sword art online
    Kaichou wa maid sama

    Other ideas:
    SlavexRescuer (Or buyer ect. Can be whatever race you want)

    Medieval fantasy
    Modern fantasy
    Ancient fantasy
    Victorian fantasy

    My dont's:
    Taking advantage of/being taken advantage of
    Really rough domination

    Ill add more as they come to mind but those are some that interest me, if you have any other ideas feel free to post on this thread or PM and we can work something out! =)
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  2. The vampire x human medieval sounds great to me. PM me if you'd like
  3. I love Fairy Tail, Bleach, and Naruto, so if you've got any possibles plots for those I'd be interested in hearing them.
  4. Hmmm let me think about it
  5. For a Naruto one would you like it if it was during the current anime/manga (I havent read the manga only watched the anime till the newest episode) or after it all?
  6. I'd prefer to do something after the anime, but either way is good.
  7. Sounds good to me might make it easier. Would you like to be the main the characters (Like Naruto and Sakura) children or grandchildren or just make totally new characters?
  8. I say totally new Characters, because I always feel like I'm just going to try, subconsciously, to copy the best traits of whoever it is, ancestor I'm playing as.
  9. True lol I'd like new ones too. Ill PM you with a plot idea
  10. Cool. I look forward to seeing it. Though I might not reply back to it till tomorrow as it's getting late here
  11. Bumping this lol still open to partners
  12. hey obsidian. How does SAO sound? I am also up for royal X servant if you want. As for a plot, SAO should be pretty straight forward, and I have a small bud of an idea for the other.
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  13. Hmmm Im up for either, im currently doing a SAO one though so if royal x servant is okay with you that sounds fun =) What would it be MxF/MxM/FxF?
  14. MxF is my poison.
  15. Poison? LOL is that good or bad....XD
  16. um pick your poison. guess I didn't think that one through s I want MxF
  17. Lol I thought it was that your fine. Okay MxF sounds good =)
  18. do you wish to the the royalty or the servant?
  19. if you're still looking for someone to rp with?

    in a kinda
    Medieval fantasy realm? have a plot idea for it XD
  20. Of course! =D sounds good PM me the details?
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