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    About me:

    .My posting schedule will change each week.
    .I love twists and turns, unseen events occurring.
    .I love vague forshadowing (see above.)
    .I don't enjoy smut.

    [.]Harry Potter PLOT
    [.]The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit
    [.]Avatar: The Last AirBender
    [.]Mass Effect
    [.]Pirates of the Caribbeans PLOT

    [.]Assassins Creed PLOT
    [.]Frozen PLOT
    [.]Elder Scrolls
    [.]Walking Dead
    [.]Death Note CRAVING

    [.]Star Wars
    [.]Game Of Thrones
    [.]Kick Ass
    [.]Marvel universe
    [.]Agents of SHIELD
    [.]The Last of Us
    [.]Resident Evil
    [.]Hunger Games CRAVING PLOT

    [.]30 Days Of Night PLOT
    [.]Repo! The Genetic Opera
    [.]King Arthur
    [.]Make It or Break It

    [.]Slice of Life
    [.]Epic Fantasy


    The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit (open)
    *Fandom-Romance-Shield Friends-Bromance-Epic-Adventure

    The Elves are gone. The dwarves are hidden within their mountain halls. Men have existed without the temptation or evil of the Ring. Yet the last line of the King is gone. Without the magic of the elves, darkness is creeping back into the world. Names are whispered on the wind, uttered in the dark, behind closed doors and away from the light..



    Pirates of the Caribbean (open)
    The Huntmaster. A ship unrivalled in cannon strength and man power. A pirate ship of course! Captained by a man known only by the name of his ship. It is not crewed by the damned, nor sailed by the wicked. Each man aboard has an honest goal: riches, riches beyond any dreams. Yet, the free waters are under attack, free ports are closing and soon the Huntmaster will have nowhere to run. Rumour has it, however, of a treasure that gives it's owner control over the seas. Control over every boat that sails, over every man, over every beast. There is also a tale of it being guarded by her.. Living Death herself. Her ship roams the ocean, sailed by the same ancient mariners she doomed each year. It's either the gallows or utter adventure. To the ends of the earth and back.

    Epic Fantasy - World Building (open)

    Preferred role: Male, Winter's Child


    The vast kingdom of Annor, ruled by the second son of Aldor Dullahan. To the north, an impassable mountain range, guarded by an army without honour and without home. Orphans, children left to die in the winters. The gods are gone. Winters are harsh. Summers are hot and intense. War is on the horizon and drawing ever closer. A refugee from Candover from the north flees down the pass into Annor. After stealing enough food to survive, from a band of Winter's Children, the guards of the mountain pass, the refugee turns out to be someone different. A god's child? A true ruler of the gods kingdom? Her destiny has only just begun.
  2. I'd love to do a Hunger Games plot with you, if I could be allowed to be Katniss. I am tad bit obsessed with her. lol
  3. That's totally fine! She's awesome anyway!

    Message me
  4. I'd love to do the epic fantasy world building thing with you.
  5. I'm currently at work, could you message me please?
  6. @Ultimate Assassins Creed pls been crazing this for a loong time.
  7. I'm currently at work, well travelling home, if you could message me that would be brilliant. Expect a response in under 2 hours