Looking for roleplays to do 2 - Non-Anime

Roleplay Invitations
Group Roleplays, One on One Roleplays
Writing Levels
Genders You Prefer Playing
No Preferences
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
sometimes both i guess..i like making up my own scenes in some cases but i like playing scenes that others make too
Favorite Genres
anime and modern mostly
but fine with any genre i guess
Genre You DON'T Like
i'm particually fine with every role play type
just some i'm more used to than others
For those who wish to do a roleplay on a show that's not of the anime genre, I've watched and can do RPs of any of these shows.

Cop/Detective shows
Criminal Minds
Law and Order : Criminal Intent
Law and Order : Special Victims Unit

Other Shows
7th Heaven
Ghost Whisperer
Suite Life Of Zack And Cody
Good Luck Charlie

Let me know if you are interested.