Looking for roleplays.... (Always)

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  1. Hi there! I'm new to this website but definitely not new to roleplaying. At the moment I have no ideas but I would be willing to brainstorm with anyone if they have an idea! If it needs to be said I am a female but I am more than willing to play a male if need be. I like to think I can be convincing. My style varies due to my partners and what they give me to work with. So if you're interested in roleplaying with me just reply here or send me a message. If not, thanks for reading this! I appreciate it.
  2. heya! pick me!
  3. Hiya! Did you have a roleplay in mind by chance?
  4. OF COURSE..................no....no not really
  5. Lol, well we can discuss then, hm?
  6. lovely idea :D
  7. Alright.... SO... Do you prefer playing one gender over the other?
  8. im a guy so i prefer playing my gender
  9. Very cool. Hmmm.... Well have their been any roleplays you have really liked? Something you maybe want to try out?
  10. well i kinda need to know how old you are first because i do a lot of rps that i cant do with a minor
  11. Well I am 19. I'm turning 20 on the 26th. :)
  12. ok then we are good lol
  13. Awesome! Now that we have that down.... back to the old question. Anything you're wanting to try out? Anything you really liked doing and would maybe want to try again?
  14. well i had this one idea i did a long time ago that no one ever responded to in the forums
  15. Feel like sharing it with me?
  16. Is there anything else we should discuss before we begin?
  17. ummmm romance to smut ratio,post length, etc?