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  1. SO..it basically goes like this. Is there anyone who would like to roleplay with a newb like mwa? Mind you, I have at least a years worth of experience in roleplaying. I can write a decent paragraph but not a whole story worthful. If you somehow take interest or happen to want to roleplay with me, please PM me so we can discuss the details~ Here are a few ideas I had in mind.

    1. It's a prince's 18th birthday and he has to choose his bride to be according to his mother. He narrows it down to his childhood friend, who is merely a maid serving his family. Once the queen realizes that his choice was not of royalty, she casts a spell on the girl, causing her to lose all her memories of the prince. Will the prince succeed in reviving his friend's memories?
    2. A lab is known for experimenting on humans to create mutants. Two of the subjects escape from the lab and run off to survive in an abandoned house out in a forest. The two have lived in peace for over 3 whole years until the lab sent their mutants to bring the two back. The question could be: how did they find them?, but also: Why did it take 3 years to do so?
    3. The Great Tree is the home to millions of elves. It is guarded by the barrier which is constantly checked and reenforced daily. One elf comes upon an outsider on elven land, which is absolutely forbidden. Will the elf bring the outsider in or will he/she do what they can to get him out safely?
    4. 9 people were captured by a mysterious man who is known by the name Zero to take part in the Nonary Games. The Nonary Games is basically a game where you put your lives on the line. The main goal is to escape the place by finding the door with a 9 on it. Rules will be explained in PM if interested. *Credit to Dashiell Gordain for concept of Nonary Games and the creator of the game 999*

    e we But if you don't like any of these ideas, I'm quite open to what you have in mind. Just go ahead and tell me.
  2. sounds interesting i like 1 and 3
  3. Which one would you prefer more? Just wondering and all
  4. i like the first one a lot
  5. Would you like to play the Prince or the maid?
    And would you like to start or do you want me to start?
  6. I can do the maid and you can start it's your plot.
  7. length is perfect.
  8. I'm interested in the 3rd one! :)
  9. o Uo Really? Yay~

    Do you prefer playing as the male or the female?
    And would you like to be the elf or the outsider?
  10. I gotta say, the thir...d... one is already taken.
    Or are you open for more than one of it? :O
    Cause if you are, I'm definitely interested. :D
  11. o uo Yep! I sure am~

    Any preferences you want to tell me like perferred gender, etc?
  12. Um, I'd prefer to be a male outsider, being found by a female insider/elf.
    Other than that, no.
    Well, race, I suppose. Unless you've got anything against it, my preferred race at the moment is Lizardkin :P
  13. :3 I has no problems with your chosen race.
    > w< I'll get working on the roleplay~
  14. :3
    *sits on his ass and waits*
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.