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  1. Hey Guys, :wave: I’m looking for some 1x1 RP partners! I have a few ideas for RPs that I’d like to try.

    Idea One

    I’d like to play a romance between a slave and her master, ((I know how that sounds but it’s not mature! :tongue:)) it would be a Medieval/Fantasy setting. I was thinking my character could be from a kingdom that has been invaded and concurred by your characters kingdom, and they are at war with another kingdom. So your character could be a solider, a regular citizen, a scholar or even a king, anything you like. I thought your character could “buy” my character, to free her, because he’s interested in her or maybe just because he wants someone to clean up after him. :veryhappy: Whatever the reason, eventually they start to fall for each other. :veryhappy: ((I’d really like to play the girl with this one.))

    Idea Two

    I’d like to do a role-play based on the “Aspect Of Crow” trilogy, if you haven’t read the books basically there are a whole bunch of animal spirits. Each person is chosen by a spirit and is bestowed certain abilities based on the animal, for example Spiders are exceptionally good at art, Wolverines are strong warriors, etc. I don’t really have a strong plot, but hopefully we could work one out together. :veryhappy:
    ((It doesn’t have to be a romance and I’m happy to play the guy or the girl.))

    If anybody is interested in playing these two please let me know, or let me know if you have any RPs you’d like to play. I’m happy to play pretty much anything. :veryhappy:
  2. Hello! My interest and I want play RPG with you if the my story is fix on you ideas. My idea are A teenager centaur girls (my character) is a slave and a young boy which like, a buy. As time went on the two become a friends.

    But now I saw not fix it.
  3. I could play that with you, :) would you be interested in playing mine as well?
  4. Yes I interested play with you. :) I want know who play the centaur. You or I ?
  5. I'd like to play the centaur, is that okay with you? :)
  6. It's ok for this topic you play the centaur. It's you're principal ideas on story and I respect. But maybe soon in a my idea and I play a centaur :)
  7. I wait you make the topic and give me the link for RPG topic. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.