Looking for roleplay..

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  1. So, I do often post in 1x1 requests but.. Seems people aren't interested there, I wondered if I could find something here.

    I'm looking for a one on one romance roleplay. I'm open to offers on plot and things, but preferably want it girl and boy, or possibly girl and girl.. But yeah, I'm open to offers. Reply or PM me. This isn't for just one roleplay either, I'd like to get a few going..

    Things I look for in my partners:
    • Reasonable grammar (it doesn't have to be correct.. but it looks pretty to have comma's here and there and capital letters haha.)
    • At least two paragraphs, around 10 good lengthy sentences.
    • I like a good plot, so quite a lot in the plot is good as well as the smushy romance too..
    • I do love the idea of Vampires, and Lycans, Elves, Faeries. I love fantasy things... but completely open.

    And that's it really.. so pleaseee get in touch :(
  2. If we did happen to do a onexone, which I'd be interested in doing, would you want it to be Mature? - I don't really do mature but I wouldn't mind a Fantasy Romance.
  3. Not really mature no :) but umm.. Yeah fantasy romance. ^^ Up to you.
  4. Fantasy Romance it is then :) And good good, I don't really like smut.
    What would you think about doing a selkie and human sailor roleplay?
  5. o.o What is that? :'3