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  1. Hello everyone, currently I am looking for someone to roleplay with. Right now I am opened to just about any ideas, though I am wanting something to do with vampires at the moment, or any supernatural creature for that matter. But vampires being my biggest want right now.

    I don't have too many ideas in mind, but I am willing to brainstorm with you. Send me a pm if there is an idea you would like to try and do. Again I am open to most things :)
  2. Still looking for anyone to roleplay with :D

    I am also currently interested in a possible mermaid rp as well. Well anything with a supernatural element. It can be set in modern, medieval, or victorian era's. If you have an idea you have been wanting to try, let me know as well. I am sure we could figure something out :D

    I might even be willing to do some fandom rps, but usually I like to use my own chara's but I could try and play a cannon one. Right now I am into:

    Gravity Falls
    Black Butler
    Sailor Moon
    Ghost Hunt
    At least that is just a few I am into :)
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  3. Still looking :)
  4. Hm, sure, wynaut. I have a few ideas in mind, but I probs will be busy till Dec 15, because of finals. Basically, you're interested in supernatural stuff, right?

    Are you particularly partial to romances in 1x1s in general?
  5. Okay awesome! And yeah I do like romance in an rp, send me a pm and we can talk about it some more :D
  6. Still looking? I have a mermaid character that could be used.
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