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  1. So yeah where to get started? Clearly I'm looking for some role players here. I suppose I'll get started on my rules.

    1: When it comes to post length I'd really like it if my partner can post at least two paragraphs. If you can do more then two awesome! I myself can easily post four paragraphs if the role play remains interesting.

    2: Winging it over plotting. Lately I've been a person to just wing it and go with the flow. I got tired of coming up with plots only for no one to come around or when some one does the role play get's dropped after a few post. So I won't be sitting around plotting anything with my role playing partner...at first. If I can trust that you will still be around then yes we can plot a much deeper role play.

    3: I love role playing as more then one character. Whether I'm using two or more of my characters or I'm using my character and some NPCs. I'd really enjoy finding a role player partner who can do the same but it isn't a must have so don't worry. :P

    4: I don't do fanbased role plays most of the time. Sure I pull my ideas from comics, shows, games, and movies but that's about it. The only fanbased role play I'll do is a pokemon one. xD

    5: I like one on one over group role plays. Group role plays die way to easily and they can get out of hand. The odds of me doing a group role play is very low. If you ask me to join one I'll say no at first. I'll watch the role play for a little while and if I see that it's doing pretty well to survive then I might join.

    6: I LOVE DARK THEMED ROLE PLAYS!!! XD Those role plays really get my creative juices flowing better then those!

    7: Romance/sex....Okay I'm human so I do enjoy both those things sure, but I like to focus more on story then romance/sex. If your character is trying to get into my characters pants right away well then I'll drop it right then and there no questions asked. There are a few characters of mine I won't romance, Question Mark being one of them. I will only romance my characters with females and the role player has to be female as well. I don't feel comfortable having romance between two characters knowing the role player is a dude. I'm straight XD I don't have problems with same sex stuff but it's not for me. I'll happily role play with another dude just no romance. xD

    8: I enjoy fighting of all kinds, it makes the role play fun. So if you role play with me there will be some fighting going on. A lot of my characters are at war with each other.

    9: All my characters are connected to each other. So if you role play with me I WILL use more the one character. Not okay with that, well then we might not role play. Sorry. :P

    10: QUESTION MARK!!! He's there to make me laugh and yes he's some crappy Deadpool rip off. So fucking what? xD Which means he will break the fourth wall. He will talk shit about your characters. He will talk shit about you, the role player. HE CAN NOT DIE! I really hate people with there god like bad ass characters who have been around for years saying "I've been role playing for a long time. My character can do this, this, and this. He or she could kill Question Mark because they are now pretty much a god or goddess." You know what I have to say about that.....A....BIG....FAT.....FUCK.....YOU!!!! My character, my rules assholes. xD It's sad that I have to put this but it's happened in the past. xD

    11: My character, my rules assholes. Any cocky people reading this? Well get that through you're thick skulls. xD Again it's sad that I have to put this but this has also happened to me before. People doing actions for/as my character turns me off to the role play. DON'T DO IT!

    Well for now I think that's it! So if your interested post something here or send a message my way! If I have more to add I will.
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  2. *Hip bumps my forum.*
  3. I'm following but I don't really have rp ideas um.
  4. I have a few role play ideas I could bounce around but my brain is pretty dead tonight. Tell me a little about what characters you have?
  5. Well, I'm definitely like you in several points. Like, in one way or another, my characters are either related or have resemblance to each other.

    I do have a tendency to get really narrative when roleplaying. I would love to try a dark themed roleplay. Or battles... Oh my! Dark themed battles!

    And I always try my best to be considerate to roleplayers and their characters.
  6. I enjoy onexone, f'sure. Sounds like we could get along. I've been bouncing a couple ideas around, mostly apocalyptic settings. I'd be willing to bounce some ideas back and forth to build up a good story.
  7. Hi zombiiiez! I'd love to rp wth you both. That fine?
  8. So I've been contemplating an idea that takes place in a post apocalyptic world, where something called the New Order has become the "elite" and only because they were rich enough to protect themselves from and survive a massive nuclear fallout, intended to annihilate those deemed unfit. Basically, the government killed off a majority of the country. But a group of rebels have survived and now wander about, scavenging to survive and all the while plotting against the New Order. The New Order wants them dead, but lack the know-how of the now treacherous city streets.
  9. wow, very intriguing and well thought of! :O I'm in!
  10. Sweet! I'm going to work out for an hour or so, but I'll log back in and get an intro going.
  11. greaaaat! pm me or something kay?
  12. Think we'd be a good fit, Question Mark. I'm trying to stretch myself into playing more than one character at a time and engaging in fighting. I'm not terrible at either of these, but they're weaker areas. I believe you'll find I have other ways of compensating. I have no biographies for characters yet, but I thought we could nail down a genre first, yes? :)
  13. Not sure if you're still looking for people, but I can give it a go if want.
  14. Not sure either. but I'd love to rp. :]