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Wanna be my partner?

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  1. Who wanna be my roleplay buddy. I do any kind of roleplay ,sex,rape,adventure, romance,highschool,fantasy and action also furry. So who wanna role play with me ? Like be my buddy ?
  2. any requirements?
  3. Um female?
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  4. not over 18 or anything?
  5. If you want im fine with anything
  6. then sure sounds fun ^-^! if u still need someone which I assume u do.
  7. Yeah lol what level of the rp do you want it to be ? Like over 18 or no?
  8. well im 16 so I cant :/ and I like present day fantasy
  9. We could kik about it and alright lets do a fantasy present day
  10. I have an rp up on the 'jump in' groups, or do u want to do just a 2 person rp, me and you?
  11. Um well i can do both
  12. Sounds fun..
  13. You wanna be my partner?
  14. Sure.
    But what did you have in mind?
  15. Nothing at the moment really um what are you into? Like in a rp
  16. Well its been awhile since I have done any roleplaying. But I am familiar with a little bit of romace, tragic and action.
  17. Alright lets do a romance action roleplay
  18. Okay. I know this might sound a little bit stupid but I'm new to this place. Do we start the roleplay in a new thread or what.
  19. It's not stupid you didn't know and yeah if you want we can do it on pm or on kik
  20. KIK!
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