Looking for Poleplay Partners! (f x m only please!)

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  1. I'll keep this short. I'm Seafield (or Sea if you prefer). I'm a semi-lit/lit roleplayer with 6 years of the writing craft under my belt! I can write one paragraph at the very least, but my average is 3-5. I tend to mirror posts though, unless I'm the one to push the plot along. I'm very friendly, and I love working together with people on plot ideas! I can play either gender, but I lean more towards female (since I'm a girl). And if there's any romance in an rp, I can only do fxm (Nothing personal, but my beliefs go against anything else.) Under fandoms, I personally prefer playing ocs, but you can play a canon character if you like!
    I'd like a partner that's also semi-lit/lit, can contribute ideas to a plot, is very friendly, and willing to talk in ooc as we rp. I don't mind if you can only post a few times a week, but just as long as you can keep it semi-consistent.

    -What I want to Roleplay (in order of desire to roleplay)-:
    Pokemon, preferably nuzlock style (I have a plot idea!)
    Miraculous Ladybug
    Modern/Mystery/Slight Sci-fi (PM me for the plot!)

    -What I Don't want to RP(so please don't ask)-:
    FNAF or Undertale
    Anything extremely dark/creepy/horror related
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  2. I'll do a dystopian rp with you :P.
  3. Great! :D Do you have any ideas for a plot?
  4. No shall we build a plot through ideas?
  5. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner! I just sent you a pm!
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  6. I would do Horror with you
  7. Forgive my ignorance but what does "nuzlock style" mean? lol
  8. Oh, it simply means a slightly more realistic style of roleplaying pokemon, and the trainers can understand their pokemon as if they speak english.
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