Looking For Pet and/or Slave

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  1. Greetings.
    As you may or may not know, when it comes to sex in RPs, I'm aggressive, dominant, and just plain cruel at times. If you want to see what I'm into, check out my resume.

    Now, from previous reactions to me, I'm assuming not many of you wish to engage with me, or simply can't. If that's the case, I'll pack my bags and apply, not advertise myself.
    If, however, you wish to discuss the premises for a plot - because we need some semblance of one - then by all means, reply. If you want to know what kinds of things RPing with me may entail, look at my resumes.
  2. I volunteer, more details please?
  3. Excellent. Fantastic, even.
    Well, I like to try and adapt to my partner's resume. So, after taking a quick look over yours... I honestly have no idea what sort of thing you're into, genre-wise.
    Improvisation it is.

    The RP starts off with your character finding themselves stranded on a desert island/remote planet/area dependent on genre. Survival is hard and your character knows only the basics of survival, and what's been seen on the telly won't got that far. However, luck is at hand - i the form of my character.
    A species indigenous to the area, he offers to engage in a symbiotic relationship with her. He provides her with clean water, food and shelter, and in return... Well, she doesn't find that out until it's too late.
    See, though he appears to be a human with extreme pigmentation problems, he's actually... A tentacle monster! One that needs to discharge huge amounts of impurities, in the form of a sticky, warm white liquid. Through stimulation of numerous appendages.
    Whether your character chooses to run or accept, is up to you - just keep in mind, he will catch her if she runs, no matter how long it takes.

    Naturally, there will be other things thrown in to make the RP interesting, such as other species attempting to kill/capture either of us. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
    Is this to your liking, or have I missed the mark completely?
  4. Very much to my liking, sir. :D
    I'm intrigued by the remote planet alien/esque thing, too. Makes the struggle more challenging.
  5. Wonderful.
    Now, I must ask - remote planet, or remote island? An island would be easier to play, but it wouldn't be as fun. We'd still have to stick somewhere within the confines of the Earth's creatures. However, though a planet may be more challenging, I ;pve a good challenge, and the environmental diversity could be quite interesting for us to play out.
    Either way, who's posting first?
  6. I'd say planet, if it's easy it's boring and we'll both awkwardly peter out, this will hopefully be more exciting and unique.
    I can start since we have to distinguish that I'm lost on a foreign planet before you can really do anything.

    Er, what shall the title/planet be called. I'm not sure if titles are that important on Iwaku, but they are on other roleplay sites I've been on. xD
  7. Tentapocalypse?
    As for the planet, name it what you like. I like to just make up some alien-sounding gibberish, then slap a hyphen with a number below forty on the end.
  8. Alrighty, I'll get started on it after breakfast and a cup of tea. ^-^
  9. And there's your reply.


    Oh, come on, an alien plant is hardly going to wear clothes, is it?