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So I have a couple plot ideas and no one to play them out with.

Here they are. I prefer to do FxM with me as the F.

The Quickie that Stuck
They meet at a party. One is drunk, maybe they both are, but somehow they end up in an upstairs bedroom having sex. He wanted it to be a one night stand, and she totally understood that, but he... started thinking of her nonstop. He didn't even know her name, let alone how to find her, but he just had to see her again.

Student Teacher Conference
I'm your student, grade 10 (we can discuss that if you'd like to change it), and you have a thing for students, especially me. You ask me to stay after school one thing leads to another (again, we can discuss details) and we end up on your desk. This happens a few times.
We meet at a night club and hit it off. You're so gorgeous and we click immediately, making out in the corner, maybe a little more, then the next day I walk into my college class (or high school) and see you as my teacher.

I'm a new, flailing witch at a grand wizard academy and you've been chosen as my mentor. At first you're not too happy with the decision because you know that my many failures in class will ruin your perfect reputation, but you begin seeing how hard I'm trying to get things right and your heart softens toward me and you fall head over heels

Coffee Made with Love
I'm a new Barista at your coffee shop and you see that customers are being rude to me constantly so you take pity on me and become my friend, soon forming a crush on me- as I have formed one on you- and you invite me to your Halloween party. We even synchronize costumes! But once there your girlfriend makes an unexpected appearance and I leave the party awkwardly, early, and our friendship is strained (though neither of us will admit it). A few weeks later your gf dumps you and while at work you hear me mention that I'd chosen an entirely different costume to wear to your party than the one I was originally going to wear so you make me come to your place to try it on and we spend the night laughing and watching movies and end up kissing, maybe more, before I realize that I'm just a rebound and back away. What will you do to prove me wrong?


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If we could do some modifications to that last plot I think I could go for it. Something non-whativebeendoing sounds nice.
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