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  1. Hello reader ^_^

    I'm about to be stuck in a hospital room so I'm looking for partners who will be up for rping often ish. I'm not picky really. Though I have a few rules.


    1. No one liners.
    2. Decent Spelling and Grammar.
    3. Communication. Talk to me if your bored ECT.
    4. No sex without plot.

    About me:

    I'm twenty one year's old. I've been role playing for over six years now and really enjoy it. I have a very weak immune system so I'm regularly sick =(. I'm also a gamer, anime and comic nut XP

    In rps I play either gender. Though in saying that it doesn't mean I always wish to play the male. I do MxF, MxM and FxF.
    I often don't run group rps. Though I'm running a Kingsman one which is linked in my signature.

    Helpful chart:

    <3 means love to do
    * Craving
    # Possible plots

    Plots: (all real basic)

    Lost in time:
    Genre: Romance, fantasy, Sci-Fi, adventure, mystery
    Born in a lab long forgotten by others. Lost on a planet only desperate scavengers go. What happens when the lost experiment is found by a scavenger?.

    You don't know what my life is like!:
    Genre: Romance, comedy, supernatural.
    A happy cosplay couple been together for many years one day get into a fight in the middle of a passing circus. The next morning the two wake up in each others bodies. What Will they do?

    I love to hate you:
    Genre: Romance, slice of life.
    Once best friend's in primary school next enemies in university. Now one has to work beneath the other in a restaurant situation. Can they cook and hate each other or will they get over their rivalry before they food poison someone.

    Genre: Romance.
    Once a happy couple in high school but in the end they both went separate ways. Though years later they cross paths but one of them had a serious change. A sex change.

    Fandoms (with some pairings):

    Naruto: <3
    Kakashi x Sakura *
    Sasuke x Naruto
    Itachi x Sasuke
    Naruto x Gaara *
    Hinata x Naruto*
    Oc's are welcome

    Samurai Camploo:
    Fuu x Jin*
    Mugen x OC
    Fuu x Mugen
    Jin x Oc

    Kingdom Hearts: <3
    Sora x Kairi
    Riku x Sora
    Kairi x Riku
    Roxas x Axel
    Terra x Aqua*
    Oc's are welcome.

    Legend Of Korra:
    Korra x Asami*
    Asami x Mako
    Oc's are welcome*

    Legend of Aang:
    Katara x Aang
    Zuko x Katara
    Toph x Souka*
    Oc's are welcome

    Bucky x Steve
    Thor x Jane
    Darcy x Loki
    Thor x Loki
    Natasha x Clint
    Tony x Loki
    Tony x Oc
    Steve x Tony
    Oc's are welcome

    Teen Titans:
    Raven x Beast Boy
    Raven x Robin
    Starfire x Robin
    Oc's are welcome

    Devil May Cry: <3 *
    Nero x Dante*
    Dante x Lady
    Vergil x Lady
    Dante x Vergil
    Oc's are welcome

    Sons of Anarchy <3 *
    Kingsman <3
    Treasure Planet
    Resident Evil
    Black Lagoon *
    Sengoku Basara <3
    The Darkness
    Jak Series (ps2)
    Fruits Basket
    Elfien Lied
    Dying Light
    Assassins Creed

    There are so many more but I cannot think of anything else right now lol


    Demon x Shapeshifter
    Wolf x human
    Cosplayer x cosplayer
    Pirate x Mermaid
    Ninja x Samurai

    That's it for now please post below or pm me ^^
  2. Do you do High School Romance stuff?
  3. Yes I do ^^
  4. Got a bunch of plot ideas in a list here. feel free to check them out.
  5. Link me?? ^^