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    I'm already doing a few roleplays, but all my writing buddies have a life, aka they are pretty slow. Which is good, because then I have time for more! Since I don't have any plot ideas right now, I'm just gonna write about me and my interest, and if you think we would "hit it off", pm me and tell me bit about yourself :)

    It's a bit long, but please read everything.

    About me (open)

    • I'm from Norway, so I make a few silly typos now and then, since English isn't my first language. If that will bother you, you should probably just stop reading now.
    • And I only roleplay with adults, preferably people who are 20+. It's not because I don't think people under twenty can write (I know you can), it just feels a little weird writing with someone that much younger than me. Especially since most of my roleplays have some romance in them.

    • I usually reply at least once every day, but I don't expect other people to do the same. Take you time, just please tell me if you suddenly get busy or something. I live in Europe, so our time difference may make replying slower.

    • If you’re getting bored with the rp, just tell me. I won’t bite. Then we can try fixing it, or at least I know you won’t be responding anymore. If you are one of those persons who just disappear, please don’t contact me. I’m so tired of people just disappearing after a few posts. Be sure that you have time for another roleplay before you start one.

    • We can roleplay in a thread or via PM, it’s the same for me. But I want a separate PM were we can talk OC. It’s fun to laugh about the silly things the character does, comment on all the drama that is going down, or plot what the next thing we are going to bother our characters with will be. We can also talk about other things if you want, I’m always up for a chat about anything.

    Roleplay (open)

    • Writing level: somewhere around adept, but I’m working on getting better. I write several paragraphs, and the word count for a post is usually 400-500. I’m not that good at describing things, and in the beginning I can seem a bit passive, but when I get a little further into the story, I usually get a lot of ideas to contribute with. I write in third person past tense.
    • Characters: I write all genders and sexualities, and you should too. I don’t like writing with people who can only write one type of character. Variety is a must. Looks, personality, morality, disabilities, relationships, special powers, etc. Like blind girls who paints, gender fluid parrot trainer, transexual single parent, deaf guy in a polyamory relationship.

      Making my characters suffer is always fun, physical or psychological. I also think it's fun to write characters who inflicts the suffering, but only if they have a reason for it. I won't write some dude who is going to torture your character forever just because you want to have you character tortured because... I don't even know. Just no.

      Aaand I'm not that good with making CS btw. I tend to flesh out the characters as I go. But I can always make a short one, if you like. Maybe I'll even managed to find a photo that I like.
    • Genre: most are fine with me, but I don't think I would be good with historical stuff, like medieval things and similar settings (at least not if you want it to be accurate). Sci-fi, modern fantasy, post-apocalyptic and similar are my favorite genres, but I'm very willing to try other things.

    • Plot: there need to be things happening, be it action or drama, life crisis or whatever. Two people just going to school and chatting in cafés about nothing gets really boring really fast. Light and fun plots are cool, but I also like darker themed roleplays.

    • Romance: I don’t like it when it’s the main plot, but rather something that happens on the side and develops naturally over time. Two people just falling in love and butterflies and all that right away? No. But romance with a lot of drama and tension? Then I might very well be up for it. But I like roleplays without romance too.

      PS: I don't do mxf romance. I always get bored with it so fast D:

    • Smut: I don’t have much experience with writing it, and I don’t really see the point in it unless it has something to with the plot or character development. In other words; I can write some, but I’m also up for just skiping it.

    • World building: I think it’s fun, but I’m not that good with it, so I probably won’t be able to help much if you want to do that. I’ll just say “yes” and “cool” to all of your ideas that I like. That I’m very good at!

    • Fandoms: I only do OC. There isn't much I would be interested in writing though, I think. But feel free to ask. I would love to try something based on Mistborn og Tokyo Goul.

    Ideas (open)

    Just a list of some things that I would like to do/include in a roleplay.

    • blind/deaf/mute characters
    • non binary characters
    • someone who can turn invisible
    • shapeshifter
    • photographer (so I for once can write something I actually know, haha)
    • someone norwegian, then we can have some language fun
    • a clone (and your character could be the cloned one, a rich dick or something. or we could switch.)
    • someone with memory loss (maybe one in a long term relationship)

    • Sci-fi / Lo-fi
    • Action and adventure
    • Dystopia
    • Fantasy, especially set in a modern world
    • Supernatural
    • Post-apocalypse
    • Science/research facility/human testing
    • Clones and weird things like that
    • Kidnapping
    • Out of the ordinary relationships, like polyamory

    OC only
    • Mistborn
    • Tokyo Goul

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  2. I read through all your stuff and I'd roleplay with you if I didn't already have too many enough roleplays. There. Happy? D:<
  3. OMG you're so snarky :'(
  4. I would love to RP with you ^_^ do you have a prefered plot in mind that you are craving to do?
  5. I have a couple plots that I've been wanting to do, but I'm also up for plotting something together. Pm me :)
  6. I haven't had a decent rp in a looooong time, and I think we could make something worthwhile here? Wanna talk? I'd be interested in hearing any plots you've got cookin' :D
  7. Sure :) would be nice if you could include a text example btw.
  8. Yeah, I just haven't got around to one. It's on the ol' to-do list.
  9. Like I say in the post, just pm me :)
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