Looking for people with almost no limits.

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  1. So I've been wanting to do some quite extreme rp with very dark/aggressive themes. However I've been having issues finding people who are willing. I dont really mind what sort of plot is going on but I have a few things I know for a fact I want in the plot. First off I post about a paragraph a post but can do more if required. I like to play male and dominate, I wont do m/m but I will do f/f if required.

    Ok to just let you know, the rp plot I have in mind involves possibly incest, pregnancy, rape, slaves, and group sex (with other characters run by us (2 people)). So yea...I'm kind of thinking I'm not going to find anyone so if this sort of thing interests you, please pm me or post here.
  2. I'm interested in doing this
  3. I could possibly.
  4. I'll send you guys a pm in a bit, I'm a bit busy currently and have a ton of stuff to respond to as well.
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