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  1. Hello, I'm Grimmy and it's been awhile since I've been on Iwaku or any other forum for RPing. Currently I'm out of college for winter break and am looking to write to pass the time. Below are some rules I have for writing I prefer we follow. They're not too bad since my tastes have changed (I just thoroughly explain them lol). I also have a few pairings I like and maybe plot ideas in the future.

    Grimmy's Writing Rules

    1. No 1-liners! Or 2 or 3 liners for that matter! I selected Adept writing because I would like for our writing to be a little more detailed than a few sentences per post. I want to be able to visualize what's happening in a scene and not translating poor grammar. I don't like writing more than 2 lengthy paragraphs either though. I find myself getting bored easily trying to read through things to find out where my character comes into play in a scene or struggling to match what anyone else is writing. It's just not fun.

    2. I prefer someone who can play multiple characters. RPs I love the most consists of more than two characters. I like to write friends and families, or people elsewhere in that universe. Plot ideas tend to blossom more when there are more personalities and ideas in the mix. Also, if you want to write but aren't feeling like a specific character we can simply say 'meanwhile somewhere else....' That also opens up to different character types. I love yaoi more than life XD. I generally prefer to play a 'bottom' but I've been opening-up to other roles. Because I want to make sure my writing partner is having fun too, I'm open to play character types they prefer as well. I like an equal-standing atmosphere. If I want to be an uke and you do too. Basically, we can have more than one couple so we both get what we want. I will play guys or girls in whatever type of relationship you'd like so long as you reciprocate. n_n My characters are usually separated by different fonts and if the characters aren't in the same scene then I separate the paragraphs with a little _______ or ******, etc.

    3. I love to talk OOC. I try to be friends with my writing partners. The more open we are in communication skills, the more brainstorming fun we can have. It keeps things alive a lot longer that way. I'll be like 'dude, I can't figure out what to do next!' and you can be like "well in my mind our couple do this..." and I'm like "yo that sounds good to me! I was just stuck there lol' O-O I just totally had a conversation with myself right there! XD

    4. Characters. I have a couple pf pet peeves with characters. The first thing is I like to use pictures of real people. Mainly models or at the very least obscure and lesser-known celebrities. It drives me bonkers if someone uses an anime or video game character when we've got model pics lol. I need to say that here thanks to multiple past experiences >.< Another peeve is character profiles. I like to keep them VERY short and sweet. The beauty of writing characters is that you don't have to know them right away. You can develop their personality and discover things about them or make changes as you go. It also gives you more to write about that way. So I generally have the following: "Name; Age; DOB; Ethnicity; Birthplace; Picture(s) & Model's Name; Relatives; Martial Status;" It's not too much, but I like to know those few details to be able to work my character's off of that knowledge and vice versa. Lastly, I don't always like surprises. I have had an RP where we are in a normal city, with typical human relationships being the theme. Then out of nowhere there are actually demons, every other character is a sociopath killer, and some people are trying to take over the planet. I still write with those two friends, but it irks me so bad sometimes. It wasn't even up for discussion. They just wrote that stuff together without telling me and leave me out in the dark until they say 'oh by the way _____ happened' and I'm left looking like @_@ 'DAFUQ!?' They had writings of their own and planted it into our writing world I guess is the best way to describe it. We need to establish whether or not stuff like that is going to happen. Because, frankly, I find it funny and at times ridiculous at things like that happening. It's like you're watching Friends and somehow they merge that with Buffy and now oops there's The Office and you were just trying to watch Friends.

    5. Please b e available to post OFTEN and not just once every other day. I will be going back to college Jan 12th. I have no job while going right now and I'll still be able write for a couple of hours a night. I hope for someone that can do the same. (also I'm in central time if that makes a difference)
    And that's about it for the rules. Anything you want to ask me feel free. n_n V​
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  2. Pairings, Occupations, Settings I Write In
    *-what I prefer

    In any category if we have more than one couple:mxm*, mxf, fxf (also threesome relationships)

    models, photographers, magazine owners-fashion world
    rock, j-rock, or k-rock bands- music industry
    college and/or high school students, teachers- school
    scientists, doctors, patients-medical field
    neighbors, roommates, some incest (between siblings and step-siblings only)
    (Any mixture of these just in regular everyday environments*)

    Demons, Magical beings with human forms (no legit anthro really)
    Vampires, Werepeople, Fairies, Elves
    ^all of that can be in a alt world, a present day earth world, etc

    Royal Families, Peasants, Knights

    *Aliens on other planets or space ships (I love things like Mass Effect, Cowboy Bebop, and Guardians of the Galaxy)

    Series-Related Things

    Mass Effect*
    Resident Evil*
    Silent Hill*
    The Evil Within*
    Kingdom Hearts
    Final Fantasy
    The Walking Dead*
    Marvel Universe
    DC Universe
    Hitman Reborn
    Fairy Tail
    (I like Next Gen on all of this. I suck at being those characters and feel bad ruining what amazing writers and actors have done to create them n_n; )

    Currently I have none. I'd like working to create something with you. If you have a general idea I'm really good at working off of that. I just REALLY want to write!!! >.<

    Anything else I've probably not thought about. Just ask away in this thread or in a message.​
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  3. I would love to try a royal family plot with you ^_^(if that would be alright)
  4. Sure! I haven't wrote anything like that in quite awhile. Do you have any ideas for that sort of theme?
  5. A couple(though one would lean more on the side of celtic royalty)
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  6. Oh that sound cool. Tell me about or if you'd prefer you could message me as well.
  7. (by the way I am always interested in more RPs so people can still ask away)
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  8. I am interested! ^.^

    Demons, Magical beings with human forms (no legit anthro really)
    Vampires, Werepeople, Fairies, Elves

    I always love mythical/supernatural roleplays. ^.^ I also wouldn't mind doing it in a medieval era if you are up for it! I've never tried it before but I am really interested in it!

    I usually do MxM rps cx actually that's like the only thing I've been doing for a while, but I do love multiple character roleplays! So MxF and FxF is fine! Though I've never really tried FxF before so I might be really bad at it. X3 Oh, and one other thing, in mxm's I usually play the submissive character. I feel bad but I am terrible at dominant. xP So if you are looking for more dominant people I understand.
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  9. Hey there, I'm interested as well!

    I'd be delighted to come up with an idea together. I'm a yaoi-addict as well, and I agree completely with your writing rules. We can discuss details in PM if your interested.
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  10. Hello there. I think we could work something out where ewe could make a medieval setting with supernatural elements. As far as pairings go, I am FINALLY starting to do dominant males now, though they aren't my favorite usually. Maybe we can compromise where we each have a top and bottom? If that sounds good to you, you can message me. I am a dork that doesn't know how to create messages yet on Iwaku. I've been doing AIM writing and Gaia all of my writing years lol.
  11. I'm glad somebody does! If I haven't been doing this for 11 years and keep going through the same issues I wouldn't have posted at lol. Does anything stick out to you more in my list?
  12. Hm, Aliens? Royal families? Room mates?
  13. Hey :D An rp based off of The Evil Within would absolutely make my day xD I have not finished the game, but I've got a semi-good idea about the plot. I also prefer mxm and I love playing multiple characters.

    Also, I would love to do a royal family rp. My absolute favorite fantasy race are elves, so that works out too.

    A teacher/teacher rp would be interesting as well, if you would rather do that ^^

    Anyways, if you are still looking, I am interested :D
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  14. I haven't finished the game either. I'm stuck on this ridiculous boss that even after watching a bunch of walk throughs I still fail and it's driving me "Leslie" crazy lol. Something like that would be so damn awesome and different I think. And it's a special extra treat to have it mxm cause I started shipping SebxJo for a bit there lmao.
  15. Yeeeeessssss....

    So, as for a plot, I think it would take some hammering out, especially since neither of us have finished the game. If you want to pm me, go ahead, and we can talk about the plot, etc, and figure out how our rp will go ^-^
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