Looking for people to rp possible ideas with?

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  1. First just a few things that i look for in rps/partners!

    It is very important that my partner is really active in the plotting and planning part! I don't like trying to come up with things on my own because A; I want to make sure my partner is just as interested in the rp as I am, and B; it's just a lot easier and progresses faster when you're bouncing ideas off
    each other.
    I also like things to progress naturally. Having characters just meet, and then the very next day they're in love is unrealistic and seriously anticlimactic. This kind of goes for everything, plot twists that come out of nowhere and haven't been planned or that make no sense are kind of off putting.
    (Also, though most of my ideas involve a lot of plot, I really love for there to be romance in my rps. I don't care if it's mxf, mxm, or fxf, though in mxf I prefer to be the girl.)

    Those are the only real important things, so lets get on with the ideas! Most of them are pretty vague, and more like bases to build plots off.

    I'm not sure what to call this first one. Basically the idea is that one character has a super strong ability (magical/supernatural/whatever) that would normally be really dangerous, while another character acts as something of a neutralizer for the first character (a bond/contract that probably wasn't made willingly.) There are a lot of possible direction it could go in after that...

    Time loops. I friggin love me some time loops, especially when they involve lot's of death and angst.

    Mecha. This one probably requires more plot ideas than the others, but I've always wanted to try rping something with mechs.

    Magical boys. What more do I need to say about this one?

    Other than that I really love modern fantasy/scifi and Angst. Which is probably really obvious from my ideas.

    If you're interested in doing one (or maybe combining some of) these ideas, then send me a message and we can get planning! Of course I'm not looking exclusively to rp these ideas either, if you have an idea you want to try go ahead and send it to me!
  2. Always willing to try something, if you don't mind playing with new addition to the site.
  3. Of course I don't mind c:
  4. Any of these that you'd like first go at? So we can start storming away