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  1. Well since it's summer and everyone is out of school, that mean all the school kids are getting more hours at work and mine are a getting cut to balance it out. So I'm going to have a little more free time. I'm looking for people to do some roleplays with me. I'm mostly looking for female rolplayers. I have both fandoms and a couple original ideas as well. I do have a few rules.

    1. Try to post at least once ever one to two days. I know we all have real lives and I know it's sometimes hard to get to a computer and post.

    2. Try to make your post length at least a paragraph or at least three to five good sentences.

    3. I can play both OC and cannon characters.

    4. I can do romance, but nothing pasted PG-13. I don't do smut.

    5. I can roleplay either thread or PM.

    6. If you want to quit or are going to be gone for a while let me know. Ditching me without saying a word irritates me and will probably make me not want to roleplay with you anymore.

    (* This means I'm really in the mood to do that one.)

    Digimon (Mainly seasons 1-4)
    Castlevania* (Taken place in the Order of Ecclesia game.)
    Bioshock Infinite* (Have an idea for this one.)
    Love Hina
    Dog Days*
    Sword Art Online
    Fate/Stay Night
    Devil May Cry or DmC

    Original Ideas

    1. It is in a high school setting. You have this one guy who is very popular at school and his so called friends end up bullying this one girl to which he doesn't understand why. The popular guy ends up befriending the girl and who knows they might fall in love.

    2. This preppy boy has to spend his summer vacation with his dad in California. Sounds fun right? Well not to him, he hates it. No clubs, none of his friends are there and plus he's surrounded by beach bums. He however becomes fond of this surfer girl and they become friends and it be more than that.

    I probably have more fandoms but can't think of them right now. So just ask if there is something you don't see on there that you want to do. Maybe I've seen it. Well you're interested let me know here or PM me.​
  2. Hello, I'm interested in either of your original plots. [:
  3. I noticed that you're in the mood to roleplay with some Zelda? I'm in if you want to pm me. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.