Looking for people to roleplay with, open to ideas(Females wanted)

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  1. Hi, looking for a couple of additional laid back partners.

    Don't really have a lot of concrete plots on hand, just looking for someone more to do something with, plenty of pairings and fandoms I enjoy.

    First things first, let's set up a few ground rules.

    1. No incest, torture, or abuse, I also only do MxF pairings

    2. I don't do purely modern day settings, there must be some degree of fantasy or sci fi in it, I live in the modern world, I don't want to roleplay it.

    3. I do require decent writing from my partner, please note the thread is tagged 'adept' for posting expectations. I don't require a post everyday, or even in a week or more, I've got a busy posting schedule/real life and so do you no doubt, what I do require is relative good quality.

    4. I really have a hearty dislike of people who vanish without warning, if you're going to drop things, say so, furthermore do not indicate interest and then disappear on me in the middle of brainstorming

    5. I'm a very patient, relaxed, and friendly person, I don't bite, I promise.


    I would like to do this one, a lot
    Limbo (open)

    The mage Avitus seeks to create easy and safe magical transportation for people to use, envisioning many ways to make the world a better place, he does this despite the advise and warnings of his fellow magi, who tell him that such a thing is dangerous and better off left alone.

    Ignoring their warnings, he learns all too late that they had good reason for them, a terrible accident occurs, a blinding flash as a magical explosion detonates in his workshop, and before he knows he's transformed into pure energy, lost in a terrible void of seething chaotic magic for an indefinite period of time, it could be a few days, weeks or months...or centuries.

    When the young man manages to escape this place, he finds himself in a land completely different and isolated from his own, and encounters a beautiful woman with nine fox tails and ears, who has problems of her own, and he offers to help.



    Yes, it is Ahri from league of legends, no it is not in the same setting as league of legends, she doesn't even have to have the same name, I've had two, two people dump me on this, another one I'd really like to do with someone dedicated.

    Doesn't come with a map, but will if someone is interested


    I'm open to all sorts of ideas, shoot them at me.

    I think I'll just list things I enjoy

    1. Dragons and elves, especially dark elves

    2. Beauty and the beast type roleplays, a relationship between an ugly monster and a beautiful girl

    3. Knights are always really cool

    4. Supernatural creatures such as werewolves or vampires

    5. Warrior women akin to Amazon warriors who live in jungles

    6. monster girls

    Sci Fi

    I don't have many things for this, mostly because not many ladies seem to be interested in science fiction, if you have ideas, don't hesitate to tell me

    1. Alien women falling in love with human explorers lost in space and far from home...


    Regarding the libertine aspects of roleplays

    1. Dominant, strong women are always very attractive

    2. A lot of roleplays involve the dude being the vampire, but I like it the other way around

    3. Smut is always enjoyable, but I prefer a good balance between it and plot, however I don't always mind roleplays that are large portions of smut

    4. Monsters and tentacles are always fun...
  2. Would like to make something work. Even for the plot you posted. (If you didn't mention it was Ahri I wouldn't have considered it..didn't seem like her to me at all)
  3. I would love to work out something with a dominant female monster if you want to work something out
  4. The picture didn't give it away? D:

    Both of you should PM me
  5. Her face seems so different :0
  6. Still looking?
  7. I have an idea for a tentacle monster if your still looking
  8. Still looking for partners
  9. Hmmm, perhaps you could get me back into the whole MxF pairings. I'm willing to give it a shot again.
  10. That's great, but it doesn't really tell me anything, like what kind of roleplay you're interested in
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