Looking for people interested in group rp for my developing plot

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  1. Hi!
    Okay, so, I have an idea for a story that could be a really fun RP. It's about these people who are something between human and god. They all represent a certain thing, such as Trust, jealousy, compassion, deceit, fear, hope and so on. These people are born to humans just as anyone else but when they are young they are taken away to these houses inside barriers and given their names. In these households there are heads of the house that look over all the younger ones. The younger ones don't find out about who they are until they turn sixteen and are taken out of the house to learn about their effects on the human population. When these people die, they are reborn somewhere else in the world. They can die just as any other human, but they can also die when the thing the represent gets weaker in the human population.
    Anyone interested?
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask~
    I would prefer a mostly male cast but female additions are fine.
    I'm looking for people to rp the following:
    Jealousy (16)
    Not a bad person but is the extreme jealous type. (Preferably he) has a mischievous nature when he's in a good mood but a fierce one when he's not too happy. He doesn't like it when people spend too much time around his favourite people. He is close with Trust, who he looks after most the time.

    Compassion (25) (head of the house)
    A kind but stern and understanding leader of the household. Keeps the younger ones from fighting and is everyone's shoulder to cry on.

    Greed (15)
    A trickster who does whatever they want to get what they want (he likes to play tricks on trust). is inconsiderate most the time and doesn't take no for an answer. Also a glutton.

    Pride (19) (in training to become next head of the house)
    Smug personality, thinks they will be the best as head of the house but compassion doubts their capabilities. Thinks more of them-self and often talks down on others

    Hope (14)
    Always optimistic, best friend of fear, constantly pointing out the bright side of the situation

    Fear (14)
    Always jumpy and nervous, only ever comforted by Hope

    Affection (9) (child of Romance who eloped with a human)
    The touchy feely kind of child, always happy and hugging people. Only gets sad when ignored

    +any others you want!

    Just one more thing, this is my characters profile~
    Trust (13-14)
    He is a very kind, simple boy who never questions anything. He doesn't understand the concept of lying, so he believes anything anyone says and never lies. He often gets tricked by others but never holds a grudge. He is often around Jealousy, as Jealousy likes to keep an eye on him.
  2. that sounds like a you put alot of time and effrt in to it and i love to join it
  3. Oh, thank you~ yes, I have honestly, do you have a character in mind?
  4. yes just give me a min and i will have here up
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  5. whats alowd i am looking though my characters and was woundering what i can and can not use
  6. Well, they are representations, so it can be an emotion or a part of human nature. Things like Bravery, Deceit, Romance, you know, those kinds of things. The character has to be named after the representation and their personality has to reflect it
  7. oh ok let me see if i have someting and out of creostey are werewolds alowd just wouderig if not its all good
  8. Well, it's not exactly fitting to the story..
  9. ok then here hope you like her tell me if she need any other things i should add


    Name: Mirranda Lynn Hamilton
    Age: 17
    Personality: Thoughtful, firendly, keeps to self, weard and silly
    Likes: anime, animal, reading and swiming
    Dislikes: thunderstorms, bullise and being borid
    Representation: hope
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  10. Eh,
    um what representation are they...?
  11. Wait, this is the canceled thread- I didn't notice- sorry, there's another thread with the same name with more up to date info_ hope is taken :(
  12. Might I snag hope?
  13. oh lol i didn't hit refresh
  14. no no you saw it right i editto fix it
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