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  1. (Important info is highlighted in red if you don't feel like reading everything through.)
    Name's Mark.
    Okay, so, I'll get straight to it.
    I haven't roleplayed in a good few months due to circumstances and I've found myself rather bored lately, so I've decided to get back into it. I can write anything up to multi para. Well, I could. I might be a bit rusty now but I should be able to get back up to standard soon. (I hope.)

    Roleplays can have Romance in but they don't have to, they can just be platonic relationships rather than non platonic. Let me know if you would prefer it to be platonic. Also. I can do smut on occasion. But as I am only 16 you must be under 18. Check out my roleplay resume for any more info you might need about any stuff...

    (I prefer to do romance and smut rp's only with male characters. I have no problem with females/female characters, I'm just more comfortable with males.)
    I'm not looking for anything particular to start off with, I'm really up for almost anything right now to get rid of the boredom.

    If you have any ideas of something you want to try comment or send me a PM and I'll check it out.

    If you don't have any ideas here are some plot starter thing whatevers I don't really know what it's called but here:

    * Something with Vampires/Werewolfs/Shapeshifters/etc in.

    * Nekos/Furrys and whatever are a possibility.

    * Zombies/Apocalyptic settings.

    * Highschool/Slice of life (Not so into these as much, they tend not to last as long but will do them)

    * Will probably add more when I think of them.

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  2. I may have a plot and story involving a couple if the things your looking for.
  3. Alright, shoot me a message?
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