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  1. Hey I'm looking for rp's witha couple of my characters. I havn't rp'd for a while thats why i put this at elementry. I hope to get something started as we make a story evolve.
    Dracolupine is a personal favorite. He covors all my favorite timelines and has a real story to him. I leave enough blank though that i can put him into most settings.
    Ancient Norse
    Feudal Japan
    1840's onward or old west america
    Modern day
    He was born during the Greco/Roman time period. He never followed any of the gods, never prayed to them. His adult life was spent hunting mythical creatures that cause harm upon humans. One day, for sport he hunted a pale white stag. When he finally wounded the beast and cornered it at a lake. The Godess Artemis apeared. It had been her stag. She cursed him into being a Monster, just like the ones he had hunted. The humans gave him the name Dracolupine (dragon wolf, his image is my profile Picture) Artemis would send her huntress' to allways hunt him. He could never die unless someone slayed him. He was to be eternally hunted.
    I'll sum up the rest of his story now.
    He ran north to norway to esccape. Still hatign how monsters treating humans he protected them. Norse gods amired him, gave him the ability to be human and offered him work.
    He got driven out as a monster later on when christianity became a larger influance. He was seen as a pagan demon. Running as far east as he could he heard of a secluded island, japan. He hitched a ride on a boat and made it to the island. Living there for a few more centuries.
    Canon: He had a wife in japan and two twins. Bandits attacked during war time and he lost his son but hsi daughter lived. He was driven out by a priest and wandered japans again.
    Later he would leave after the west got more influence and went to america. He stayed there until world war 2 happen.
    Not wanting to fight japan but hating what the nazi's were doing he aproached the goverment for what he truly was and fully militirized himself.
    Now in modern times, he is well situated, but bored. He lost most purpose, humans can protect themselves, gods have less influence, and he doesnt know what to do anymore.

    Jason (half gorgon)
    With this character he is the child of a gorgon much like medusa that fell in love witha human. Much of him looks human except for his eyes, and mayybe his unusually pale skin. His mother and him lived in seclusion until tresur hunters/Hero wanabees decided to raid their home to slay the monsters. He mother delt witht eh first two but Jason unfortunatly discovered what his eyes could truly do to a man. Hurt and terrified by this he cut his own eyes so as to not do it again. The gorgon prayed tot he gods to fix this foolish boy and they answered, know what he would do next. They told the mother that once every year he would be healed if he ever cut himself. So everyyear the boy would heal then cut otu his eyes.
    When he got older he would leave the lair to be in the real world. Wanting to be apart of it. Regretfully the mother allowed this.
    Jason can be put in any time line really. He is Naive, inoccent, kind soul. He will help those when he can. Comonly people have wanted him as a butler in Rp's. He is good for most Fantasy to modern day rp's.

    Silas Orihara:

    (if you know who he is based on please roll with it. I couldnt think of a good last name XD)
    This man is the worst, manipulative bastard known around the city. He works as an information broker tryign to learn all he can, and as a side amusement. Trying to see how well he can twist the way things work around town. You never want to cross him. He may not kill you unless he is bored, but he will use you. Even if you say you wont help him he will make it his primary goal to make your life hell.
    He is an early 1900's-modern day character. If you want to add fantasy to the setting then he will have a shadow like power he was able to get from a demon through a deal. If so then he primary goal is to find otu as much as he can about the mythical world. Since he only knew about humans until he made that deal.

    Dave Lich:

    Dave Lich is the head of a gang named the Hellraisers. Noramly a bikers gang they also use muscle cars and trucks. Sometimes imports if a member likes them. They are loud, strong, and loyal. His goal is to give a place in the world for those that cant find a way out of the gutter. Being born into the lowest of the low he grew up in a harsh enviroment and made friends. Later formign teh hellraisers.
    He has the power to raise the dead under his control. People treat powers in this world not very diffrently then other people. Thay are a bit more weary since those with powers cna do more but there isnt any discrimination (unless you want to add some) He keep promises keeping to his own sense of honor, but is cruel when he has to be. Usually when he is doing buissness with others. He is a great ally, and an even greater foe. Born as an albino he has a tint of red in his eyes and pale hair. He wears a wife beater and leather jacket, with jeans and combat boots. He also carries an army dufffle bag with bones inside of it.
  2. Do you rp yaoi, if you do I like your char Dave Lich
  3. I've tried it before but i cant get into it sorry ^^; I have tried but it is something i just cant write well when i rp.
  4. Ok then ;) what about normal mxf?
  5. Ya, im fine with that. Real quick I should clarify.
    Im ok with my partners playing any genderr i just can't rp Yaoi. If you want Romance to flurish thats my only thing. But if romance isnt the focus play a male if you wish.
  6. *nods* ay cap! But I need romance in an rp! So mxf is jut fine.
  7. Got it, I'll PM you then
  8. No rp's started yet... anyone?
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