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  1. Before I get started, I do have a few rules to consider before RolePlaying with me.

    1. Be honest with me. If you don't want to continue our RP, just let me know. I'll understand if it's not something you want to do at the moment or you are busy in IRL. Though, if is something related to my style of roleplaying, then let me know. I accept constructive criticism openly and without offense.

    2. Try not to give me one-liners all the time. I understand if that is mostly your style and I also give them sometimes, but most of the time I like to read a post with a little more description and depth. I always try to match the length of my partners post or give a little bit more.

    3. No smut roleplays. I'm just to uncomfortable being explicit and all that....

    4. I'm just going to say that I just came back from a long time off of roleplaying. And there are somethings that I still need to work on, so if you have any constructive criticism or advice, I'll take 'em with no offense. I used to have an old account but I deleted, so I decided to open this one and start fresh.

    5. I'm very open-minded about what to roleplay but giving a fair warning: I struggle with fighting scenes. I like fantasy, modern scifi and school settings the most but I'm open to try anything else since I really want to expand my horizons. Also, I only play straight couples, however, I don't have anything against LGBT people.

    6. And finally, I only play female roles. I just find it hard to play a male since I'm a female myself.

    So, I do have some ideas but to be blunt; in my opinion, I'm not good brainstorming plots. Here are some of them.

    1. Both the characters are leaders of their own gang but the female character always disguise herself as a male when dealing with gang things. Both groups would fight for territory but they would always end up in a draw. One day, the male character decides to follow his rival and finds out about her secret. (This would help me to practice on my fighting scenes...)

    2. An innocent girl witnesses a murder done by a famous Yakuza leader and to stop her from reporting him to the police, he forces her to marry him.

    3. Characters 1 and 2 meet in a rough manner and instantly disliked each other. However, they soon find out that they have to share a room at the co-ed dorm. At first they complained a lot, but as time passes they start knowing more of each other and soon start developing feelings for one another.

    4. Both characters have been friends since childhood. Neither have been lucky in the love department but, even though they do everything together, they don't see each other as couple material. But one day, the Male Character has to baby-sit his nephew or niece and since he didn't know how to work with kids, he ask the Female Character to help him. Seeing how good she is with his niece/nephew, he starts seeing her differently. Was the girl he was looking for, been in front of him all along?

    5. Character 1 has been a piano enthusiast since she was little but she never had the talent for it. Now that she was in high school, she wanted to start learning the basics of it but she had no clue as to who might teach her. Character 2 is considered the prodigy of the school for his talent on the piano, however he has lost inspiration and motivation to continue. But one afternoon, he saw a girl trying to play a basic song and was moved because, even though the song was not played very well, it still held such emotions that he hadn't heard in such a long time. Has he found his inspiration?

    More Coming Soon....

    Anyways, those are my ideas as of now. I know they are very simple and common, but I think we can elaborate on them more together if you like. Also, if you have any idea just inbox me and we can work on it. You can also, leave a reply on this thread.
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  2. I'd like to rp with you.. Have any basic ideas you'd like? Or a character you want to use?
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  3. @Erka ...I just edited my post and posted 2 basic ideas I would like to RP. However, if you have some of your own, you could tell me and we could work on those.
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  4. Do you have any that don't involve gangs/murderers?
  5. I added three more up top, I hope you find them interesting enough. We can also elaborate or change something if you like. @Erka
  6. ASDFGHJKL. Number 2 just makes me go rainbow-eyed. I don't know about you, but I can totally see this plot going either way; humor or dark...or maybe even both!
  7. I'm glad you like it since coming up with ideas is something I feel I need to improve...I already started that one with someone but if you still want to try it out, just pm and we can start working on it. @RainbowReindeer
  8. I like 3 and 4.. Which would you prefer to do?
  9. Four would be awesome. I really want try that one out since I came with that plot a few hours ago. =)
  10. Alright.. Do you have a character planned out? I'd like to rp the female, if that's alright with you.
  11. I'm sorry but I don't do male characters. I know it was my fault for not letting it know on the first post. Also, I don't a have a character made since I tend to do them on the spot.
  12. Okay, I guess I get the guy, then.. Do you want to start it?
  13. I could if you like...
  14. Alright, send me the link when it's up. :)
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