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  1. Hey there!
    I'm looking for a partner which has been to say so far, a bit unfruitful. But, there's hope yet as I keep this thread updated with faith.

    Dialogue Posts: (1) - (3?) paragraphs
    "Solo" Posts*: (3) - (4?) paragraphs / lines
    *Solo posts are when your character(s) go off and experience a scene on their own, without any other player's characters interfering. The entire scene is under your control.

    I'm not totally sure since I don't really pay that much attention to my post lengths. I don't enjoy having to fluff my posts if there's only simple action and dialogue, so the minimum there is at least one paragraph usually. A paragraph is a group of sentences expressing a complete thought. I don't expect much from anyone other than that- complete ideas, those can be done in as little as two sentences. I would consider myself adept but I welcome any skill level and love to help people with improving their writing any way I can, if I can. I don't welcome snobbish attitudes toward writing.

    WRITING STYLE (check any that apply)
    (x) I spend most of the post on my character's emotions.
    () I spend most of the post on my character's observations.
    () I spend most of the post on physical descriptions (character or setting)
    (x) I spend most of the post on actions and/or dialogue.

    It's a mixed bag to be honest.

    (x) Love it!
    () Only the required details - I do not want to sift through flowers for content.
    () Minimalism all the way!

    ()% Showing, ()% Telling
    () I am trying to improve this ratio.
    (x) What do you mean? I just type.

    I have no clue about how much of each I do, but I am aware of the importance of showing and I try to stick to that.

    RP PHILOSOPHIES (check only those that apply strongly, or you might end up checking them all)
    () It is a way to unwind and escape after a stressful or tiring day.
    () It is the creation of a collaborative story.
    (x) It is a game people play with each other.
    () It should be readable - consistency and good flow are key.
    () RPs exist for the players, not an audience.
    () Characters serve the story.
    () The story serves the characters.
    (x) I write my own fiction and sometimes I use RP to develop character and brainstorm plot.
    () I use it as practice to improve my writing skill.

    CHARACTER QUANTITY (check all that apply)
    Main character = you play their thoughts and actions
    Side character = recurring, possibly important, but you write only their actions.
    NPC = usually insignificant, you play only their actions, and both/all rpers can control them.
    () I prefer only playing one main character.
    (x) I am comfortable playing 2-4 main characters.
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 main characters.
    () I prefer no side characters.
    (x) I am comfortable playing 1-4 side characters.
    () I am comfortable playing more than 5 side characters.
    () I prefer as few npcs as possible.
    (x) I don't care how many npcs there are.

    () I am eager to receive all the criticism you can give me.
    () I will take criticsm to improve my writing, but please do not overdo it as I can be sensitive.
    (x) If I want criticism, I will ask for it.
    () I am here to roleplay just for fun. I do not want criticism.

    () Only for plot discussions.
    () At least daily correspondence.
    () Be my new friend! Let's chat!

    I don't mind being talked to, or not talked to. I likely won't initiate an OOC conversation, but i'm always cool with people who don't mind striking up a chat with me.

    () I am busy but I am addicted to Iwaku so I will try anyway.
    () I am busy but I make an effort to drop by consistently.
    () I am busy and sometimes die for long periods of time, but I will come back.
    () Sometimes I lose my muse, but this is never permanent.
    () Sometimes I lose my muse, and this may be problematic.

    I am practically never busy. But I am awake pretty much from the evenings to the early hours.

    TENACITY / PATIENCE (check any that apply)
    () I very, very, rarely quit rps.
    (x) I try my best not to quit rps.
    () I appreciate patient partners that can wait.
    () I will quit rps that have been completely silent for (max) days/weeks/months.
    () I will wait indefinitely for the return of a good partner.
    () I sometimes regretfully quit rps due to real-life issues.

    There is usually no reason for me to quit a rp, other than it being somehow not enjoyable? I'm very forward about such things though, and am not a fan myself of having rp dropped out of the blue.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    (x) Only if Natural
    () No.

    I allow whatever my characters would do.

    () Required
    () Preferred
    () No NSFW (fade to black; brief/vague descriptions or summaries)
    (x) All my characters are asexual.

    They are, however there are opportunities for failed, shameful attempts at sex. I personally have never written a sex scene, so expect the worst if it happens? I don't honestly see it happening, but sometimes you just don't know man.

    OPEN ENDED QUESTIONS (take your time with these!)

    Make a list of all your RP pet peeves:

    -Being left to dry in the middle of RP.
    -Forgetting to describe simple, important details like a characters basic looks or the setting

    Really I haven't got a solid list of things that bug me. I haven't done rp with strangers for very long, so I predict it's probably something to be noted with experience.

    Make a list of all your RP-buddy candies (not plot candies! RP buddy candies!)

    -I uh, can't think of any at the moment

    Describe your ideal RP partner in less than 3 sentences.

    -I would be thrilled to have a partner who can respond quickly, and who is already well aquainted with writing. But, aside from that I would love to rp with someone who really loves their characters as much as I do.


    RP is really an important writing tool for my characters and fiction, but aside from that it's just one of my most favorite things. I always use the characters i've already created, instead of ones made up on the spot because it helps me when I know how to play a particular character well.
    The only limits I have are that the characters must fit the setting, and I basically allow for anything that would make sense for them to do naturally. Anything else does not matter to me. I just ask that you stick to universal rules like no godmodding or character hijacking.
    Word of warning though, I am heavily into describing gorey scenes and other sort of disturbing nasty things. I absolutely love being grotesque and off putting, it's my specialty. Aside from that I commonly play with vampiric/vampire like characters, which I feel the need to state since it seems some are a bit picky bout it.

    If there's anything else you need to know, please ask.
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  2. just gonna nudge this thread a little ;v
  3. I'm still looking for a partner if anyone wants to play.
  4. Yep, still on the lookout.
  5. Hello~ Since this seems to still be open, I'll answer this!
  6. yep, I check pretty often
  7. Alright, so any plots you have ideas for?
  8. I'm interested as well.
  9. Usually I like to try games in which my character has a working relationship with a criminal, or murderer of some kind. It's not completely necessary, but it's the easiest for me to play. I don't have any other plot ideas at the moment, my character can be a little hard to work with because of how she generally acts.
  10. The search presses on.
  11. why post if the instinct is to immediately go on vacation afterwards :o
    I am still looking for a partner.
  12. I might be interested! Do you have any particular type of plot you'd like to do?
  13. well at the moment i'm working with two different characters
    this is the character I use the most, she's very well developed so I know how to play her the best.
    Usually the plot I use with her is one in which she teams up with someone to either evade or destroy a rival hunter she can't get rid of by herself. Usually it resorts to her using a criminal to hide her tracks. Not always the one I have to do but it tends to be my goto if I can't think of anything else.
    Whatever is most gruesome is saved for this character. She's a monster, so I find no excuse to go easy on the nasty parts be that gore, violence, or general puke inducing nonsense she likes to do.

    this one is a side character I adapted for rp (I really just wanted to use her because she's cute... I am ashamed)
    She's separated from her partner and can't find him and also doesn't understand how to find her home. She could either be looking for a way to get home, find her partner or settle with someone who she'd like to be with, and assume will take care of her etc.
    Same may go for this one, but she's nowhere near as filthy as Aven.

    I also have a good list of extra side characters i've never played if it helps explore any other ideas.
    But if you have any ideas yourself or suggestions for plots with these two i'd love to hear them because i'm not so great at thinking up things. Usually it helps to collaborate to think of new ideas, I ain't so good on my own.
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  14. Alright, I'll take a look at the characters later and then shoot you a PM or something about it. I woke up sick this morning, so I'm gonna go conk out for the time being.
  15. Well, that's cool. But if not, that's cool too.
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