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  1. Alright, lets get down to it. I'm looking to get a few more roleplays started, I have a basic list on which I'm looking to try! If the part is bolded, that means I'd prefer that part, or if thats a problem, I could play either or.

    Roleplays I'd like to do. If you can think of any post them below and we can start a conversation on them.

    • Twins MxM
    • Teacher and Student (MxM or MxF(Taken))
    • Spring Vacation (MxM)(Taken)
    • Master x Slave (MxM)
    **Remember I'll play either, just you have to persuade me.
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  2. I'd love to roleplay with you! ^^ I'd be interested in anything with a M x F pairing, as that's easiest for me. :3
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  3. Okay, which one are you interested in?
  4. Teacher x student, if that's still open.
  5. What role teacher or the student?
  6. Hm..~ Is Spring Vacation still available? I'd like to do that one if it is ^^'
  7. Awesome ^^'
  8. Just PM me and we can discuss it!
  9. Hmmm. If you're willing... I'll do the Master x Slave or the Twins... either one...

    If that's okay with you...
  10. Personally I have been really waiting for the twins.
  11. Oh yay... I love twins


    I was actually supposed to be born with a twin... so doing a twin Libertine would be a bit taboo...

    Count me in. XD
    I'll PM you.
  12. I'd lover to roleplay with you PM me?
  13. No you PM me lol
  14. Is master x slave still open?
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