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  1. So I've been role playing for about four years or so now and wanted to post a thing to write with more people.
    I'm closest to intermediate and adept, somewhere in that range I'd like to think.
    The style of writing that I'd like to do would be word heavy and lots of thought put out into the story line. I have no reservations about much when it comes to the plot and the things that happen.

    Things that I'd like to do:
    Mercenary Duo*
    Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar Universe (I'm 110% willing to explain this series)*
    GhostxLiving Person
    Supernatural Creatures
    Characters in Limbo
    SoldierxSoldier (Any timeline applicable)

    *= Something I really want to do

    Please PM me or message on here if there is anything that looks interesting :)
  2. Mercenary duo sounds really fun.
    And mainly cause I've been dying to use a certain female picture for the role.
  3. Awesome! I'll go ahead and send you a message and we can work out a plot
  4. Ghost and Living sounds nice. Havent done that yet.
  5. Would you like to discuss a plot and rp it?
  6. If you're still looking, I'd be up for Ghost/Living Person, Supernatural Creatures or Characters In Limbo c:
  7. Awesome! I'll be up for anything you've got to throw at me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.