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  1. I'm looking for some rp partners for a few ideas/pairings that I have. They are all MXM.

    - Ex-Soldier X Ex-Soldier(B)

    A is a young man you had always dreamed of going into the military when he was a little boy. When he grew up he did just that. But over seas in a terrible accident he loses his leg protecting one of his fellow soldiers. Due to this he is forced to go back home where he is sent to a military hospital. There he can't help but feel useless as he goes through countless surgeries and physical therapy. B is another soldier at the hospital you suffers from sever PTSD. He feels bitter about his condition and refuses any medication from the doctors. When these two meet they end up having to help each other over come their obstacles, finding love on the way.

    - Anorexic Character X Doctor

    I'm not really sure about this pairing. As of lately I have just really wanted to try a character with an eating disorder. So I'm open to suggestions.

    - Character A (has rare disease) X Character B (could be doctor, other patient, best friend, compete stranger, etc.)

    Character A was diagnosed with a rare heart disease at the age of 13. Doctors did not expect him to make it past the age of 16. But at the age of 18 he has lived longer than anyone ever thought he would. The disease he has causes his heart to bear at such a raid rate it is like the beating of a hummingbirds wings. If he doesn't get a new heart soon he will most likely end up being killed by his disease. The rest of the plot kind of depends on character B and who they are.

    * Bold - Character I would like to be.

    I'm always open to hearing other ideas/pairings as well.
    Things I'm okay with:
    -Light BDSM
    -Light Bondage
    -Dirty Talk
    - Just ask and I'll let you know.

    If interested send me a pm or reply here.
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  2. The third idea, with the patient that has a heart disease, sounds great :D I'd love to rp that!
  3. Hey I'm interested in talking about pairings
  4. Bump.~ Still looking.
  5. I like the idea of the Soldier pairing. If you're still looking, would you care to talk in PM's about plots and settings?
  6. I am still looking for someone for this rp. Whenever you get the chance just shoot me a pm and we can talk more about the details.