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  1. Hello and welcome!

    Since I’m back at Iwaku (hopefully for a longer period of time), I’m eager to create some new roleplays and then jump right in to have fun. So, if any of the ideas posted below strike your fancy, don’t hesitate to PM me!

    I will also update this post with more ideas as they come to me.

    Just to give you a general idea of how I play
    • You’re welcome to check out my roleplay resume HERE!
    • I don’t do one liners for one simple reason: I find them very hard to work with in a forum roleplay. Just as super long description do not work in chats, one liners kill the vibe for me here.
    • I try to match the length of my posts to my partner’s – but I usually go for two and more paragraphs.
    • There are days when I’m able to post multiple times, but don’t be very surprised if I have to put our roleplay on hiatus due to real life business. I will inform you!
    • I will play NPCs to make everything flow smoothly, but I am not a fan of having to play more than one main character at a time.
    • I don't mind being explicit.. When I'm a dude :3 Or a lesbian lass. Being explicit as a straight lady - already have that.
    What I expect:
    • DEDICATION! honesty – if you don’t feel like playing anymore and/or dislike something in the roleplay, do tell me – I can take it, no worries
    • letting me know if you’re going to be away for a while (I don’t mean a day or two, but a week would be nice to know)
    • working on ideas with me - it's clearly 1000% more fun if we do that together instead of me going: "You, be this. I'll be this. Proceed to this. Here's the screenplay."
    And finally, ideas! These are only the general ones, ready to be fleshed out with a potential roleplaying partner. Most of the time I won't tell you who your character has to be - it's up to you. And as always, PM me if interested so we can get into details! :)
    1. good cop, bad cop - or really, just a couple of cops solving crimes. And stuff. Think film noir more than buddy cop movies, but I don't mind the latter either. I can play male or female and the roleplay itself can have two males/two females, doesn't matter to me. Modern more than anything else, and I'd steer away from magic of any kind in this one.
    2. do you know The Painted Man? - I had a similar roleplay with Vacyr last year, but we decided to let it go after a while. Being a huge fan of The Painted Man universe, I'd gladly go for another roleplay based on that. Note: it would not be the exact same universe! It's always more fun to make up stories, places and people. Fantasy.
    3. tyranny, tyranny everywhere - dystopian. In a city that's long forgotten what freedom meant, a group of revolutionaries grows slowly, not ready to fight for power openly, but more than ready to oppose the tyranny from the shadows. We have revolutionaries, military force, politicians, citizens - there's a plot for every character we wanna be in the end.
    4. multiverse - because the concept of multiverse is very dear to my heart and brain and a few other vital organs, I am dying to have a roleplay concerning those. Characters shifting between their universes or being shifted forcefully, all of a sudden, only to discover they are long dead here. Or similar.
    Let me know if you're into anything! Cheers!
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  2. I'm intrested in good cop bad cop? I would prefer to play a female if you could play a male . But, I could also do fxf, mxm, or play the male. It's just easier for me to play a female.
  3. No problems - I can play the male in this one :) PM me so we can work on some details.