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  1. Hello it's me again~
    I am still currently looking for roleplay partners. I have a few ideas in mind.
    Sadly though they are always loosely based since I am just a 'go with the flow' plot kind of person
    (I am awful at taking the lead)
    Anyways I am open to most ideas. I can play a number of characters, but I prefer to use female characters.
    They are the ones I am most comfortable with playing ^.^;

    A few things I like are:
    Modern Fantasy
    Medieval Fantasy
    Supernatural Creatures
    High School/boarding School

    Again that is just a few things that I like. If something is something not up there, but you want to try, please just ask :D

    A slight idea I have is that two kingdoms are at war with one another. Years pass and the King and Queen from each respected kingdom have children. Some how the princess of one kingdom and the prince of another come in contact with each other. The soon fall in love, and the two kingdoms try to keep them apart as much as possible.
    Kind of a romeo and juliet kind of thing I guess. But it doesn't have to fall into kingdoms like that.
    Heck we can set it in any time frame you want. We could change it as two rich familes, or even mobsters. The chose is yours :D

    Again I am totally up for anything, please send me an message if there is something you else you want to try to do.

    -sigh- and I know I just posted this, but I had another idea that I forgot about, sorry!

    A god cast out of his haven is seen to earth to try and redeem his place as god. He is not having much luck with the mortals seeing as little to no one knows who he is. As he was crossing the street one day, he is almost struck down by a careless driver. Even though he would of gone unharmed, a girl thought other wise and took the hit of the car, pushing him to safety. She survives but is now able to see a world which she never knew existed before.

    Another one of mine is yet another god one. It follows the basic lines of a god getting kicked out of his haven. But with this one it was more because he was lazy and mainly had a bad attitude towards everyone. Thinking he should have everything he wanted when he wanted it.
    As he is walking around the human world he hears of a young maiden that is capable of speaking to the other gods. Thinking this is his ticket home he tracks her down and tries t get her to take him to the other gods, so that he can explain himself and hopefully weasel his way back into good grace.​
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  2. And this has been updated, haha sorry ^.^'
  3. You have a lot of ideas huh. Thats cool though, I'm up for rping one of those or anything new that you have in mind. just throw me a message sometime and we can chat about it. Cheers
  4. I am just going to give this a little bump >.>
  5. Still looking if anyone is interested :)
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