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  1. Hey! I'm currently looking for some partners to have a 1x1 RP with!. I am perfectly fine with mature RPs, and I can do casual to low advanced RPs (I can be flexible and switch back and forth). I'm pretty firm with a modern, realistic setting, so no fantasy. However I may or may not do Sci-Fi depending on if we create a cool enough idea. Usually either I just throw in a small idea, and build on from there. But if you have something, feel free to throw in too! I can do FxM and FxF, but I really really really prefer to play the female character.

    If you're interested, let me know! PM me or something!

    About Me (open)

    I'm a girl from California who has way too much time on her hands. I absolutely love sports, and I'm a die hard fan of teams from the Bay Area, most notably the San Francisco 49ers and Golden State Warriors. I have played a variety of sports, most notably basketball, track and field, and most combat sports. I am also a huge martial arts buff, and I watch a lot of MMA events. My favorite fighter of all time is Georges St-Pierre, but there's others I like very very much. I also wrestled for eight years (freestyle and folkstyle primarily), I have a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe. I also have fought in MMA competitions, so I'm not afraid to throw down. I'm also a gearhead, with a love for all cars, mostly Japanese cars :P

    Essential Information (open)

    - Talk to me! I'd like to get to know my partners and what's up with them :)

    - I try to respond as fast as I can, but sometimes I am either out of it, bored, or god forbid, busy.

    - I'd like a long term partner, I don't really like one-shots and stuff like that.

    - I have a LOT of free time, so I spend a good majority of it refreshing my inbox.

    - I prefer to have my partner be okay with mature situations, and not just fade to black scenes.

    - PMs please. I really don't want to have my one-on-one RPs out there. It's one-on-one for a reason.

    - I try to match whatever you give me. You give me a one-liner. I'll give you a one-liner. If you give me a novel, I'll write half of a novel.

    - Grammar isn't an issue with me so long as it isn't awful.

    That being said, here's a few ideas I really would like to do:

    High School

    Sports (MMA, Boxing, Basketball, Wrestling, or anything of that sort)*****
    Racing (with cars :P)*****
    General Life/Slice of Life*
    Family, like with a child****

    Roommate x Roommate
    Best Friend x Best Friend**
    Blooming Romance
    "I Just Met You But I Think I Love You" aka the Ted Mosby
    Childhood Sweethearts
    Random Encounter into a Romance

    Transgendered Person x ??? - This is highly experimental, and I'm very curious about doing this.*****
    Scientist X Experiment
    Futa x ??? - Experimental

    Red Vs Blue
    Grand Theft Auto
    Team Fortress

    And almost everything else imagineable

    Please feel free to offer any suggestions!

    Rules (open)

    1). Please no anime/emo characters. Seriously when I receive a character that has anime/emo as the picture, then I am immediately turned away and disgusted. Try to be realistic, please.
    2). No Mary Sues. Don't have a character coming from like a dark family and now they're like a dark angel or something. No. Again, realism is the key. (unless it's justifiable. Like a rich guy becomes a super good boxer or something.)
    3). Be warm, be polite. I like nice people, and don't worry, I don't bite :)
    4). I am open to really weird kinks as long as you tell me about it. There's only a few things that turn me away, so don't be afraid to ask!
    5). I absolutely do not mind playing LGBT characters (as indicated by my willingness to play FxFs), I'm actually interested in playing a transgender character at some point.
    6). If you do something like sports or action scenes in general, be as technical and realistic as possible, but not over the top technical.
    7). If you're rude or creepy I won't even bother replying.
    8). I am on from 12 PM - 2 AM on PST
    9). Please, PLEASE tell me your timezone, or at least what times you are on so I can know when to anticipate your posts.
    10). Be open to plot twists, I like plot twists.
    11). If you've read these, send me your favorite song in your interest PM.
    12). I am 200% okay with mature scenes, just don't go into them spontaneously.
    13). Proper English please, and I'd appreciate a paragraph or two in posts.
    14). The magic number is "23"
    15). No scenes depicting drug use, unless absolutely necessary. Drugs aren't good for you, m'kay?
    16). Nothing taboo either, which means rape or anything like that.
    17). Don't be afraid to message me! I check my inbox every 5 minutes because I have too much time on my hands!
    18). Character sheets are a must. The way we do them can vary in any way. However, I don't like filling out histories and personalities, and like leaving that to be revealed in our RP
    19). Please don't disappear! Flakers irritate me to no ends. Seriously.

    Those marked with a * means I really want to do those, the more asterisks the more I want to do those ideas.

    EDIT: Please let me know of you have a problem with one of my posts or if you no longer want to continue! I don't like to be left hanging, and wait on you! I don't do reminders unless you lost the PM, or I really want to continue this. I really dislike people who vanish in the middle of RPs.
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  2. -Tilts my head- I thought the magic number is 22?
  3. Nope it's 23! :P
  4. Oh well...I still think it's 22.
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