Looking For Partners.

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  1. I have plenty of random ideas if you happen not to have one. I'm looking for almost anyone to RP with, but I'd prefer if you had at least some decent level of grammar in English language. I know everyone makes mistakes- As do I, but I should be able to understand things. I usually prefer playing a submissive character, but can pass as dominant often times. I have almost no limits, I'll tell you if you hit one. I'm fine with any gender pairing. And.. I love romance.

    Feel free to post here or PM me.
  2. I'd love a RP, PM me with one of your ideas. :)
  3. I have a great idea. I will message you
  4. hm, pm me with your ideas?
  5. Shall i pm you or shall i tell you my idea on here and so i am clear would you mind playing the guy if we do m/f?
  6. Go ahead and share here! Or, PM me. Whichever fancies you.
  7. Well i kinda have the itch to do Princess/prince X servant and i love doing m x f for it. So basically i usually would play the servant and i have no issue with being dominant or submissive. The plot is: The servant is the princess/prince's lady in waiting since they were both eight years old. Over the years they have both grown and mature and slowly start to become attracted to each other. the only issue is of course their love can never be as a servant can't be with royalty. Unless...the servant is part of an old royal family.

    its the best plot line i have for this.
  8. I'd be willing to try it!
  9. Sounds great shall i pm you so we can do that privately or roleplay here?
  10. PM Me please! ^^
  11. I don't mean to seem intrusive, but I really like that plot, @autumb kirkland

    I would love to also do that plot with you if you don't mind rping the same plot with two different people